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    Mike Gundy

    This is my last post here. I just can't stay on board with the love carried out on this site for BLM and disrespecting our country by kneeling for the anthem as if the only way to not be silent about racism is to further tear apart the fabric of our country by kneeling. As for BLM, it was only...
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    Mike Gundy

    OAN is a problem but on the Black Lives Matter website, they call for the end of the nuclear family, ridding the country of "white supremacy" (whatever that means), and de-funding the police-a completely insane position- and those things are OK?
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    Families of Former Black Iowa Football Players Organizing for Answers

    The guy killed in Atlanta is not without blame. He resisted arrested, threw down with officers, grabbed a taser and fired it at one of them. Technically, they were within their rights to arrest him, but why didn't they just give the guy a ride home or arrange for someone to pick him up? Just...
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    University of Iowa Cuts Ties With Chris Doyle.

    That's what you call a black and golden parachute.
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    Well, most of the abolitionists were Christians. But I never said there weren't shameful acts in our history as well. It's just that kneelers tend to only see all the acts of shame and never the acts of goodness. No country, btw, has given more in foreign aid to the poorest countries in the...
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    Iowa Football's Matt Hankins Posts That He Will Kneel During Anthem

    The vast majority of police aren't racist. They go to work, not knowing for sure if they're going to go home that day or evening. Many of them work in minority neighborhoods, protecting the people there. It's just sad that the kneelers never seem to recognize that.
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    When I see the American Flag, I think of John Adams, Ben Franklin, Lincoln, the abolitionists, the Union private who died at Gettysburg helping to end slavery, the civil rights leaders of all colors, the 60 police officers who died trying to save people from burning buildings on 9/11, the police...
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    I will never kneel. But I will fight as hard as possible so that you have the right to do so.
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    KF Press Conference @ 2pm

    I'm losing more interest in college football all the time now....
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    KF Press Conference @ 2pm

    For the most part, the old world worked pretty well.
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    Kaevon Merriweather Tweet

    He sure didn't play Oliver Martin over the three black receivers ahead of him on the depth chart.
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    Did DJK date KF's daughter?!?!

    You'd think that DJK would have mentioned it at some point if it were true.
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    How does this end?

    With a National Championship. Kirk coach of the year. ESPN ends up with a 30 for 30 on how Iowa overcame racial strife to win it.
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    Kaevon Merriweather Tweet

    Kaevon: I agree with your right to kneel. I agree that you are showing courage on this issue. I agree that there should be changes within the Hawkeye football program. I agree that we should stand up for social justice and against racism. I don't agree that the way to do that is to disrespect...
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    Wadley's mom active on Facebook

    Thought I had heard he had. He did make an AAF roster, or whatever that league was called.
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    3 Questions for Mr. Howe

    There's some systemic racism and cops can change things and do better, but I wish we could be mature enough to have a conversation in which it's discussed that there are things the black community can do better too.
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    Iowa Facing Oregon State in South Dakota

    Good deal. Playing a bunch of Chicago State kind of teams in the non-con won't cut it.
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    Wadley's mom active on Facebook

    Wadley didn't get drafted because he's too small and didn't have elite speed. He didn't even make an XFL squad.
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    Me Too Movement

    They're both sleazes, let's face it.