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  1. J

    Nothing will change

    5 years from now or less everything will basically be the same...there still will be racists, people giving lip service about everything that is discussed now.. people are not going to change. They are what they are. I am very glad that I moved to South America 3 years ago.
  2. J

    Me Too Movement

    I have officially joined the movement. This is my last post here. Don't try to change my mind. I have enjoyed learning from all of you keyboard warriors. Where else could I post drivel and nonsense to my legion of followers? I will be moving to Colombia in the morning. To prove my racial...
  3. J

    Troy versus Tennessee

    I was watching this game yesterday. The Vols won something like 55-48. I think each team had over 700 yards total offense. Very entertaining game. The skill players on both teams were incredible. Especially a small school like Troy which is in Alabama. They used 2 QBs. One was in the...
  4. J

    Paterno has a 14 year losing streak..

    He is in the record books again. He is no longer has the most wins. The slimeball Bobby Bowden does. Wow...a 14 year losing streak. You can't top that.
  5. J

    Stlbadger..."our team D is great"

    hahaha Great win. We are on the way back.
  6. J

    Too much internet buzz..

    ...then the fans get all upset when the Hawks don't do well. People make posts about the players that aren't realistic and their posts get commented on and repeated on other boards. Like they were gospel. The buzz is that Iowa is a decent team with 2 or 3 more losses coming.
  7. J

    4th Quarter defense needs an overhaul

    In ALL of our 6 losses last year and today, Iowa's opponents needed a touchdown to win or tie the game in the last 5 minutes or so. In ALL 6 of those losses the opposing team marched down the field in the last few minutes. Something needs to change.
  8. J

    How do advertisers here get my personal info?

    I purchased a product online a couple of weeks ago and now everytime I am on this site two or three of their ads appear. How does that work and how can I stop it? Thanks
  9. J

    What a coincidence about Lute and Ben Jacobson

    Both of them were born in Mayville, North Dakota. How about that. Population is 1953 according to the 2000 census