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    Zags -14 and Baylor -5

    I figured the Zags would be a heavy favorite.
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    Big 10 Team Losses and Portal Gains

    I’m going to list seniors and probable NBA departures that averaged at least 4 always. Please add comments as players transfer in or out via the Portal, withdraw from the draft or opt to return for their COVID year. I will edit this post as things develop. MI - Livers, Brooks...
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    Next Year...

    I would love to talk about next season; discuss NCAA Tournament games, etc. But it’s obvious every thread is going to be hijacked and/or go off topic. So I hope you all have a great spring and summer. I’ll be back in November. Go Hawks!
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    NCAA Quarantine

    Will the strict quarantine rules impact how some teams play? It’s not going to be for everybody.
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    Conspiracy Theorists...

    Zags best 4 wins are Iowa, Kansas, Virginia and West Virginia...the 2, 3 and 4 seeds in their region. They probably wanted to get WV in there as well but couldn’t justify making them a 5. And to take it a step further... Louisville would end up being the 3 seed if Kansas can’t play. Colorado...
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    What does each Big 10 team lose next year?

    Sorry PC! COVID, no transfer restrictions, etc. I have no clue.
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    Top 10

    Seven of the Top 10 have lost this week. Pick your poll. Iowa or OSU will lose for the 2nd time this week...all losses being against a Top 10 team. Edit - Iowa & OSU losses are to Top 10.
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    Houston just lost

    by 9 to #169 (NET) and #150 (Kenpom...may be post win ranking).
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    Illinois is really good IMO and has 5 losses...doesn’t seem possible. Iowa is really good IMO and has 4 losses. I look at Kenpom rankings almost daily. But I don’t ever look at the Luck ranking and decided to check. Illinois #260 Iowa #267 So when it feels like things “only happen to Iowa.”...
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    And Michigan is...

    the only team still undefeated at home. Minnesota went down today.
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    NCAA Net Rankings

    Is this the NCAA’s #1 evaluation tool? I assume it is but don’t know for sure. Anyway the 1st ranking came out this updated daily. 4 - IL 5 - MI 8 - IA 12 - WI 19 - RUT 31 - MN 32 - MD 36 - OSU 39 - PSU 45 - PUR 50 - IN 55 - NW 120 - MSU 184 - NE 16 - Drake 117 - Duke 143 -...
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    Teams we play once...Bad Losses

    Purdue @ MD NE @ IL Penn State @ MI Only NE isn’t in the top 54 on Kenpom. Beat them at home and it’s almost impossible to have a really bad loss. Of course any home loss will be disappointing with this team and the National POY. As of today Wisconsin and Rutgers are the only 2 teams I could...
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    NW 3-0

    For the 1st time in 53 years. They are good with good shooters. It will be another tough game.
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    Stats and Opinions

    Statistical Facts 3% Fredrick 55.9 Garza 52.9 Wieskamp 42.9 Murray 42.9 All others < 29 *Bohannon 27.9 Nunge 15 FT% Wieskamp 75.7 Murray 75.0 Garza 70.0 *Ulis 92.9 (13/14) All others < 69 Team 71.4 (69.9 without Ulis) TOs Team > 2/1 Fredrick 7/1 Connor > 4/1 Bohannon > 3/1 Toussaint 2/1 (just...
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    Pulling for chalk the next 3 BT games

    Win is double bye then MN/NE vs IL winner then MI/RUT vs. WI winner. Lose and we swap spots with IL. Every team I want to avoid is on the other side.
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    NCAA Tournament and Big 10 Teams

    I realize we don’t know the NCAA seeds and matchups. But the Big 10 is the best and deepest conference. Baylor and Kansas look good but the Big 12 is generally bad IMO. Dayton, Gonzaga, San Diego State, etc. look good but play weaker competition. So how much has it helped Big 10 teams to...
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    What does each Big 10 team lose next year

    I have listed seniors averaging at least 4 PPG. In the past I have listed underclassmen expected to leave early. This year I looked at 3 random NBA mock drafts. Only underclassmen projected as 1st round picks in at least 1 of the 3 drafts are listed. Others will almost certainly leave. MD -...
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    After Penn State loss...

    Kenpom has Iowa at 20 and Penn State at 24.
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    Way Too Early 19-20 Rankings for Iowa

    USA Today - 16 ESPN - 21 Others? USA Today’s ranking is with the assumption Cook is that was taken into account.
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    Sweet 16

    Thought we needed a new thread for the 2nd weekend. I’m ready for more basketball.