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    Good Bye Olivia....
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    Just got back from and extended trip to CA, Vega, and the MN Northshore. When we crossed into Iowa from Nebby the dust in the air was phenomenal. The dust I think largely come from the limestone gravel roads. It has to be a health issue. Illinois doesn't get it. Nebby doesn't...
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    Penn State Under Joe Pa and This.... Before Sandusky - ESPN

    Interesting very long read. Maybe it's been brought up. Not doing this to slam PSU, but to look at the whole culture behind sports and its influence. Not only was this guy a very bad dude, but he also got worse after the conviction while out on bail awaiting sentencing. The judge died...
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    Interesting Places You've Been to and Things You've Done

    Given all the negative news lately including high gas prices that may be curtailing travel plans, what are some interesting places you've been and done. List your favorite 5 to 10. Bet there are some interesting things. Anyone game...
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    Disappointing loss for the Hawks. I haven't posted in a long time, though I do watch comments and enjoy them. Some of you have heard me speak about Ukraine. I have been to the nation many times and have many really good friends there. I really don't want to get into debates. I will...
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    MLB 2021

    Some great baseball right now. Dodgers and Giant race is darn good. Dodgers were down and almost out last night and hit 4 homers in the 8th to come back from a big deficit. Giants manage to win. The 2 are like 13-12 against each other, both over 100 wins. Giants lost Belt this week for 4...
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    Fed Chairs Sell Stocks - Ethics? Or Do They Know Something? The Fed indicated that they were going to keep interest rates low. Lots of bad news. Will they keep pumping? I do my own investing and curious what others are...
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    NCAA Football Armageddon is Coming! Not that I care about this Bowl, but there is a bigger meaning/consequence.
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    History Repeats. Is this April 1975?

    I'm old enough to remember the collapse of S Vietnam. My uncle was severely wounded in Vietnam.
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    Racism in America - Champaign Newsgazette

    An article worth the read. Why is it important to Iowa football and maybe basketball. How Iowa does on the field this year as well as off the field will possibly impact the football program for years. We've seen a dip in recruiting. The coaches need no more missteps for sure, but an...
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    So It's Getting Slow Around Here... for Closet ISU Fans...

    As a kid in the 70s and solidly a Hawk fan I took some notice of ISU which I quickly outgrew. I do have some questions for the secret ISU Fans. 1. The QB I think was oft injured ...Tryone or something like that. Was he any good? 2. Who was the ISU play by play guy. Remember thinking he was...
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    Coming Changes
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    How Does IC and Iowa Stack Up in the Big

    Fry has been negative about Iowa on a number of issues. Fry and others seem to think Iowa and IC are not good places to bring in BB recruits. IC is not Honolulu, but how does the place and the U really stack up. Big 10 only Comparisons.
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    Corn Field Fires

    Is Iowa having fires like in Central IL? The air was filled with smoke and fires got interstates closed down. There were like 12 in east central IL. Its really dry.
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    Ranking Big Schedules Iowa has it tough, but the Big brutalizes IL, Rutgers, and Maryland. Wisky is given a pass. OSU and PSU given a path to the playoffs. Nebby has a...
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    Lou Henson

    Lou has passed away. Met him once. Very warm and personable. Had a great rivalry with Iowa.
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    Favorite Iowa State Moment

    Last year's punt return is honorable mention to me. My favorite was as a kid (so my memory may be off some) when a player on the sideline stopped a Colorado Buf kickoff return touchdown. Does anyone have more of the story?
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    Who Was Your Favorite Hawkeye that Things Didn't Work Out in Playing Time

    Mine is Greg Boyle. Thought he had excellent ball-handling and passing skills. Knee injuries kept him from getting much playing time. He was fun to watch. Not sure it would have ever equated to playing time though without the injuries. 2nd would be Randy Norton if only because I watched his...
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    Economic Impact of COVID19

    Are any of you being impacted? I work in the ag finance sector. Grain and livestock markets have fallen more than they were from the trade war. That has a direct impact on ag finance revenue. About 30 percent of farmers were already on the bubble with some bankruptcies already. 30 percent...
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    OK We Are Upset Over March Madness

    Why do you think this is happening? How about we all watch On the Beach as a group?