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    Let's Talk About Amani Jones

    I'll admit, I was super hyped to see him play this year after watching the summer camp hype vids on youtube. Then when we finally see him he was getting torched and making some really bone headed plays. He finally got a shot to redeem himself this week, and in my opinion he did. Then he gets...
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    Congrats to Wisconsin

    You know our shitty coaching staff all too well....
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    Ranking Our Toughest Games

    My personal opinion on ranking our toughest games: 1. Michigan. I feel as though Michigan will be the toughest opponent that we play. They probably have the best defense in the conference and quite possibly the entire country. Thank goodness this one is at home! 2. @Minnesota. This game...
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    I can only remember one thing that burns in my mind, and more so, my heart. And that is a game winning FG for OSU as time expired to crown them B1G champs and put them into the Rose Bowl back in 2009. I have not forgotten, and in some ways I have not forgiven you KF. I appreciate where we are...
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    Never Forget….

    The end of the beginning of where we are…..
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    For All of Hawkeye Nation, I Lover You All!!!! ENJOY! We've earned it!
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    This will be a semi-long post so if you don't like 2ldr-plz disregard. I think that the Neb win was the best thing to happen to us today (outside of our win of course) and here is why: a) it strengthened our schedule b) we will have to EARN our our way to the playoffs/rose bowl (some on here...