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    Site issue

    Haven't been able to access the Featured Story. I can get those that have already played for a couple days but never the current lead article. Doesn't make any difference which device I use.......Ipad, desktop, phone, etc. What am I missing?
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    The Browns are looking..........

    ........and some familiar names are popping up. It's that time of the year for playing dominos.
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    Recruiting $$

    USA Today had a full page piece in their weekend edition on college FB & BB recruiting costs. Some tidbits looking primarily at the last 6 year period ending.......... * Who does the most (wins) with the least recruiting $.........Wisconsin * 8 of the top 15 FB spenders were from the SEC...
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    Not to worry because......

    * we're going to change next year's bowl prep schedule * we're going to go back to work and work harder * we're going to find even more recruits that "fit" * Chris Doyle discovered a new holistic approach to conditioning * we'll have Vandenberg back * we've got some good MAC verbals...
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    Run Game Indicator

    Maybe no big surprise as we've always seen the emphasis on the run game with Ferentz but this team wins when they outperform their opponents on the ground. Every game they've won this year they gained more yards on the ground than the opponent and in each loss the opponent gained more on the...
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    Ferentz vs. Fry

    With Ferentz in the cross hairs of some right now I thought some comparisons (using only W & L's / bowls incl.) might be interesting: * Both coaches entered Iowa programs with marginal talent initially and turned things around in a relatively short period of time. By the third year each had...
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    Early Signing Period

    As has been discussed many times but now a step taken..........
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    Question on posting

    Have made several posts in the last week and they show up as being posted in my profile but when I go to the actual forum it is not shown as being posted.
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    Basketball recruiting and Promosport

    Interesting SI article a European tour with a certain travel company and receive some help with your recruiting efforts. I would guess the NCAA will be considering expanding its definition of "arrangements" that are not allowed...
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    Iowa BB Myths?

    Div 1 rankings.......... * Iowa gets to the free throw line more than most..........we rank 102nd in FT attempts * Iowa's FG % is higher than normal due to transition buckets & dunks.......we rank 193rd in FG% * A running / transition oriented offense should produce a higher scoring...
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    Offensive ineptness - is this where it starts?

    "At that moment, Davis was in the middle of his 38th year as a football coach, the last 13 of them at Texas with Brown. Until that moment, I had never seen so much as a flicker of his temper. But when I asked him about his fundamental football truths — those principles embedded in the heart of...
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    Nate Grimes

    Hawks offer and some reports have him scheduling an official visit..........
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    Lunardi Bracketology Projections

    Long ways to go but what the heck (includes the ISU game)................ Iowa Hawkeyes: Results, Picks, Power Rankings, Odds & Stats on
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    Life On The Road

    Been wondering about whether road wins are tougher to achieve in the Big 10 vs. other major conferences this year so did a little number playing. Below is the winning % by the visiting team by conference. In parentheses are the number of teams in the conference with .500 or better results on...
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    Templeton Rye

    OK, not really football related although it might be adviseable to partake before tommorrow's game and the holiday season is approaching for those short on Xmas gift ideas. Spotted 4 bottles of this stuff this morning in Clive at 156th & Hickman at Kum & Go. Have a feeling that a number of...
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    Take the Big 10 recruiting quiz

    Since recruiting is the topic of the day, have a little fun with this. List your answers for all to see and we'll see who comes out on top. I'll post answers tomorrow as well as the source these were taken from. 1. Outside of the state of Iowa which state has Iowa recruited the most...
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    Revisting the preseason prediction thread

    So we're well into the season. Looks like alot of Kool Aid was being poured and consumed early in the year. We still have aways to go and anything is possible but I'll stick with my 8-4 and my original points of concern. GO HAWKS...
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    ABC/ESPN Coverage question

    As a Des Moines area resident (Mediacom customer) I noticed last week that ABC chose to carry the TX/OK game and the WI/MSU game was carried on ESPN . Well, the ESPN game coverage was nothing more than their new quick snipits of various games around the country so really didn't get to watch much...
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    Conf. records in 2010 NCAA Tourney (thru 3/28)

    Ranked by winning of conf. invitees in ( ) Horizon (1) 4-0 Big 10 (5) 9-4 Ivy (1) 2-1 MVC (1) 2-1 SEC (4) 6-4 Pac 10 (2) 3-2 W. Coast (2) 3-2 ACC (6) 7-5 Big 12 (7) 9-7 Big East (8) 8-7 Colonial (1) 1-1 Mid Am (1) 1-1 Ohio V. (1) 1-1 SW Ath. (1) 1-1 Atl. 10 (3) 2-3 Mtn. West (4)2-4...