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    3 point shooters

    Is Bohannon, CJ, and Wieskamp the best trifecta of 3 point shooters Iowa has ever had? Bohannon has already made a damn good case for being the best 3 point shooter in Iowa history. Wieskamp shot a great percentage last year, made something like 91 out of 100 in a 3 point drill at an NBA camp...
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    I'm mad at Windsor

    I'm a superstitious guy. One thing you don't do is act like a team is for sure going to win. That is a sure fire way to guarantee they won't. Another thing you don't do is spout off stats reinforcing why a team has no chance against you. Since he started doing that, all we've done is become...
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    This team vs '15 team

    I was thinking again about which team is better and I'm thinking the '15 team wouldn't match up well with this team. At the 5, Garza can score at will against unathletic bigs and that's exactly what Woody is. He's a good defender, but he's the exact kind of player Garza thrives against. On the...
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    Here is some spin for ya.

    If Illinois beats Nebraska, Purdue beats Wisconsin, and we beat Rutgers Wednesday, we will be one game out of a tie for 6th place. Of course if we lose Wednesday we will be tied for last.
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    Things that suck in games that went to OT

    Just rewatched the TCU game and there was a lot of "damn the luck" moments that really make you think what if. Here's my list. 1 - Jok stepping on the line twice on 3's. 2 - A 3 step travel turning into a 3 pt play. 3 -Wagner and Cook going 1-6 from the line to start the 2nd half. 4 - Jok...
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    Close games

    Everyone wants to say "here we go again" every time we lose a close game. But there is a huge difference in what we are seeing this year compared to what we've seen the last few years. Last year's team would play good for 38 minutes, then noticeably play way worse in the last 2 minutes. That...
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    Is he the best jumb shooter in the nation? I can't believe how automatic he is so far this year. One of my favorite players in a long time.
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    Get him back any how any way. If we win out, this season is a wash in my mind. But to continue strong we need strong classes. Eno will not only make this class better, he will probably continue recruiting the whole time here. I really hope there is still a way he winds up a Hawk.
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    I saw a tweet that Wadley is the all time leader for average yards per carry for Iowa runningbacks who have at least 1000 career yards. Pretty impressive stat.
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    Get the defense off the field

    There is over 17 years of evidence now that shows letting your defense stay on the field for 15 play drives does not turn out well when we play teams we're big favorites against. This whole idea of waiting for the inferior team to make a mistake has got to stop. When you're the better team you...
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    My take on late season collapses

    So everyone thinks late season collapses happen every year, but really they've only happened twice. This year and 2 years ago. They happen to be the only 2 times we've been ranked high. That's not a coincidence. During years where we haven't been great, we've finished strong. I think we've...
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    Need 2 tix for Wisconsin game

    I can pick up in des moines area today or in Iowa City tonight.
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    I saw an offensive possession tonight where the lane completely cleared out and all Woody had to do was step over one step and get an easy pass from Gesell 5 feet from the hoop with no one around. Instead he just stood right next to the guy guarding him like he was hiding from the ball. I don't...
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    I would rather be in the Midwest anyway

    Ok we are done playing crappy teams in crappy areanas. Hopefully the team uses the week off to regroup with less pressure on them and they can finish 3-1, get a 2 seed in the Midwest bracket, and make a run. Hopefully they can squeak out a Big 10 title while they're at it.
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    We might not even drop in the polls

    If Wisconsin holds on to beat Maryland, there is a good chance they drop behind us. Oklahoma was only 1 point below us and lost at home. I highly doubt they drop below us but there is a small possibility that voters are starting to question them after just losing to KState. Even if neither...
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    Iowa’s defense

    Every game the defense impresses me more and more. These starters come out with the same intensity every single game. Today we shot bad and Illinois made a ton of contested shots and we still won by double digits on the road. I can't decide who is more impressive. Clemmons has shut down every...
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    So who's better, Jok or Morgan?

    It's a toughy.
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    Need 4 tix

    Need them together and preferably someone who can meet up in Des Moines area. Thanks.
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    2 tix for sale section 17

    Row 76 seats 7-8. $225 each. Email my buddy at
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    Nate Stanley moved to a 4 star on scout

    These new facilities are even making our recruits better before they get here.