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    Upsets ... Oh My

    Michigan, Illannoy, Clemson, Louisville, Creighton, Texas, earlier this week ... Not feeling good about this early game. Hawks seem due for a "bad" loss and wouldn't shock if NwU (of course) goes crazy from 3 while Jo-Bo, Joe-Vies and CJ can't match it.

    Bright Side Thread

    At least it won’t be Iowa getting embarrassed by Michigan in the BTG With each loss, Iowa’s bowl destination moves further north and the opponent should be more on Iowa’s level, giving them a chance to win.

    Holy Smokes the Apathy Has Sunk SO Low Theres No Game Thread??!!

    PSU is 1 of 3 remaining chances for win. Not only a little payback but a little sugar b4 getiing completely throttled next week. (I'm thinking next 3 games are combined 60 points in losses.)

    Hawks -1 vs Wisconsin

    In what might be one of the strongest arguments against early scheduling of games to broadcast, Hawks eek out a 74-70 W. Two down, three to go. Will it be @Neb, home vs Minny, @PennSt? Hoping for 2 of those 3 as they will get their sh!t handed to them vs MSU and @OSU, @Mich. Then, get 1...

    Iowa State Completely Screwed

    I know ... this is HN but I’m not one of those militant Hawk fans and like it when “Iowa” teams do well. They just got completely screwed on the review - Montgomery was clearly across the goal line by a foot before the ball came out. Woulda put em up 8. Then a bullsh!t p.i. call when the...

    Looking for remaining W's.

    In another thread, BGOLD posted that KenPom predicted Hawks get 3 conference W's. Assuming PennSt was one of them, so, wondering what the other 2 he predicted and others' thoughts. Here's what I see ... at Rutgers, at Nebraska, at PennSt are best possibilities for B1G14 W's. Other than that...

    Stuff my face with CROW thread.

    As I grow older ( not up) I have a tiny bit of appreciation for humility. GRITTY finish, Hawks! Now, feel free to either own up or unload!:p

    Warning to NCHawker

    NC, I am tired of your unprovoked and unsolicited resurrection of ancient threads. You're causing all sorts of confusion among HN faithful who rely on this site for information and insight. Give me your ip address, right now, and, bait me with a your insulting, troll-like misdirection one more...

    The Odyssey of CJ's Helmet

    One of the all-time greatest reports ever produced by an HN staffer! The exchange between the "abductor" and the cop is pure brilliance ... A: I was actually shocked that I made it all the way home with no run-ins, but about 10 feet outside my apartment door a police officer pulled his car...

    Are so many missed tackles due to new, safer techinques?

    As you prolly know, in response to the concussion epidemic and the emphasis on targeting calls, a couple tackling techniques have evolved (actually, been reintroduced) as dramatic improvements in safety to both the tackler and the ball carrier, while still preserving the essence of tackle...

    Library Parking Lot on Gameday

    Looking to set up a little tailgate here for the Wiscy game. I know it's 1st come / 1st serve but would there still be spots if get there around 6:30 for the 11 am kick? I've called U of IA parking and they didn't seem to know, so, hopefully, some of you have some experience with this? Gracias:)!

    Much too early Wisc v OSU analysis ...

    ... Wiscy is gonna curb stomp Iowa. Suckeyes in pistol + twin backs for extra protection and Wiscy just blew thru their 7 blockers to sack Barrett. Can u imagine stodgy Iowa staying in single back and tryin to protect CJ, prolly with li'l ol' 175# Wadley diving at Wyatts shoelaces ... It's...

    What's in a name?

    I have no idea why but I was curious what derKirkFer's middle name was. A quick google later ... Kirk WINSOME Ferentz. :eek: This is right up there on the list of all-time great aptronyms.

    A Bad Football Team Playing Bad Football

    Gonna be a VERY long season.

    Hello, there, Mrs. McCaffrey

    How YOU doin? Maybe u and Mrs. Vandenberg would like to have a little cougar contest. MEOW!:cool:

    Wuld u rather ...

    Lose to Ames and he the laughing stock of Iowa for a year, or ... Lose to Bizons and b the laughing stock of all of college football for a week? One ( more ) shining moment !:(;)

    Aint Even Mad. Brah

    About Wednesday had the 'feeling". Plenty of reasons but wasn't in the mood for the attack and didn't want to be "that guy". I GROSSLY oversestimated 2016 Hawks ability to overcome too many ? on OL, DE, Safety and OLB. Let 2015 and another "soft" schedule cloud my head. Gotta scale back to 8...

    Pour me another, Nugent

    FINALLY - Kudos, Nugent, for writing a piece with some meat, meaning and relevance. Beer is as much a part of football Saturday as the game itself. We drink it before and after, sing about it, celebrate it, toast 'em with it, yet, are denied it during the game, when it would add-to the fun...

    "If you don't laugh, you'll cry." Thread

    As we witness another rise and fall by an Iowa team, another, fleeting "almost" moment, I thought it was time for a little "all-in-good-fun" catharsis. ** This is not the place to denigrate players [insert names from general Sioux City area] or for vicious, fly-by rants; you can chime in on...

    Beyond the Contender / Pretender argument lies the question ...

    It was a great season. Hawks achieved a moment that lasted 6 weeks and peaked at heights not seen in a generation. However, as is usually the case being a Hawkeye fan, at some point you have to accept that it's over and Iowa becomes who they really are and always were -- -- a veteran team; --...