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  1. 99topdawg

    Hawkeyes in NFL camps

    Here are the players that are on NFL rosters or in camps. A quick count gave me 50. Unreal. Cole Banwart Miami Dolphins Guard C.J. Beathard Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Dane Belton New York Giants Safety Shaun Beyer Minnesota Vikings Tight End Austin Blythe Seattle Seahawks...
  2. 99topdawg

    Early point spreads

    Listed Point spreads for Iowa games from FDSportsbook: Iowa State (+6) @ Iowa (down from 6.5 yesterday) Michigan (-4) @ Iowa Iowa (+21) @ Ohio State I'll take Iowa, Michigan, and Iowa.
  3. 99topdawg

    Super Bowl

    Bengals coach is a former Nebraska QB. Found it ironic that it looked like every game another former Fusker QB coached this season. Also, I'm not at all one that ever proclaims a player the goat, but the only one I think I've said, and I've said it for a few years, is Aaron Donald at DT. I've...
  4. 99topdawg

    Poll--Better coach: Ferentz or Campbell

    The two were ranked 14th and 15th in a 247 article, so I'm curious what the real experts think. After seeing their seasons, whaddya think?
  5. 99topdawg

    Tristan Wirfs--All-Pro RT

    Not a shock. Is his first of many. AP NFL All-Pro Team The Associated Press 2021 NFL All-Pro Team, as selected by a national panel of 50 media members. OFFENSE QB Aaron Rodgers GB RB Jonathan Taylor IND TE Mark Andrews BAL WR Davante Adams GB WR Cooper Kupp LAR WR Deebo...
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    Citrus Bowl Prediction Thread

    Stick your neck out there and tell us what you think so we can come back and make fun of you. Before you make up your mind, here are some stats my cousin Phil sent me: --Kentucky has played 4 teams with a winning record (Georgia and 3 that were 7-6). They lost 3 of them and beat South...
  7. 99topdawg

    Michigan vs. Iowa by the numbers

    I was looking through a few stats and trying to figure out if we have a chance and ran into these numbers and found that we're not all that different. Everyone's scared of them because of the OSU game. Can they put together 2 near perfect games in a row? If they do, we're screwed. If they...
  8. 99topdawg

    Depth chart released

    Padilla listed as the starter, Hogan as the backup.
  9. 99topdawg

    Iowa -2.5 Who ya got?

    I'll take PSU. Just worried that Iowa can't score enough against their D and have the ball long enough to keep our D off the field. Hope I'm wrong again. :)
  10. 99topdawg

    Bowl season projections

    Here is one reporter's bowl projections. I like it and I guarantee we will NOT lose to Alabama. Take it to to the bank.
  11. 99topdawg

    5th in AP, 7th in Coaches Poll

    Sounds about right. Just keep winning and just keep getting better. Also, ISU 14th in both.
  12. 99topdawg

    Iowa +3.5 Who ya got?

    I hate to be negative, but my gut feeling that always fails me is to take ISU and the points. They have talent we've never seen out of them, and, IMO, their lines are better than ours and will win the game for them. They're at home and I'm worried that this game is the one that they see as the...
  13. 99topdawg

    Patrick McCaffery in transfer portal

    Tweeted this out. Sort of surprised, but when you get a chance to play for a powerhouse, you've gotta at least think about it. Thanks for everything Patrick!
  14. 99topdawg

    Hawkeyes in the NFL

    According to ESPN, these are the former Hawks that are in NFL camps. At least one that transferred away, Romeo McKnight, is in a camp (Browns). Also, Derrick Willies was released. Cole Banwart Tennessee Titans Guard C.J. Beathard Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Shaun Beyer Denver...
  15. 99topdawg

    Women vs. Duke in Big 10/ACC Challenge.

    Sorry, forgot there is a women's forum. Still, love the matchup but hate Duke. .
  16. 99topdawg

    Keegan Murray NBA Mock updated

    Here's ESPN's 2022 mock.
  17. 99topdawg

    Hawks-Ducks prediction thread

    Iowa is -5.5 right now. I would never bet on an Iowa game. They start a 6'5" guy and 4 6'6" guys. I like the fact that they don't have a big guy to try to slow down Garza. They'll have to help down low which should open up our shooters. With their line up and length, I worry about them...
  18. 99topdawg

    Make your ideal bracket

    On a site that ranked 133 bracketologies, Bracketville is the most accurate since 2005. Iowa is a 2 seed. Based on that, choose the 7 seed, 3 seed, and 1 seed you'd like to see in Iowa's bracket and the teams you don't want to see in Iowa's bracket. I left out Big 10 teams because I don't...
  19. 99topdawg

    Wirfs story

    Make sure you're not cutting onions while you watch this.
  20. 99topdawg

    Message options not showing up

    Since the switch over to the new format, the options bar above the message box has not been there for me (insert image, quote, etc). Sometimes I'm able to hover over them with my cursor and other times not. I've tried all the web browsers I have. Just curious the reason or if anyone else has...