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  1. latrans

    I still do not care....

    .... not a bit.
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    ****Official HawkeyeNation Meltdown Thread****

    Okay people I want an orderly and coordinated meltdown today so let's keep all of the irate tirades, waarrbblle gaarrbblle, impotent rage, herp, and derp together in this thread instead of spreading it out all higldy pigldy across the board. Thanx Edit: please place all butthurt in this thread...
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    ********Minnesota vs Iowa. Official Game Thread*******

    God help us if we lose minny. Go hawks!
  4. latrans

    *****Iowa vs. Central Michigan. Official Game Thread****

    Go Hawks!!!
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    Kings vs the Jersey Devils Game two tonight and it looks to be a ............... ah.... its looking to be a big momentum changer............. Oh who am I kidding hockey blows. I hate hockey - someone could replace Minnesota Magnolas with LA Kings and I honestly wouldn't know the difference or...
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    Hey Jon, So that thread you took down "Congratulations you are a winner" that requires one to force quit your web browser and looks kinda virusy is from Surveyclubonline. Just thought you'd like to know.
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    I just want you all to know.....

    That I have not and I never will start a Kozan thread. I feel that Hawkforce's Kozanaplooza, or whatever it was called, thread was in poor taste and Tweeter's thread about that thread was in even worse taste as it was just drawing more attention to an already tasteless and hacky thread. I feel...
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    The Second Mile

    I picked this up on Penn State's board but it appears that the The Second Mile has pulled its list of employees and board members from their website. In case you're interested ....... Staff: By Department Administration Dr. Jack Raykovitz, President Jerry Sandusky, Founder Hank...
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    Hey Kaldenberg

    Do you think 'we' are going to lose tomorrow? We're all waiting to hear your prognostication.
  10. latrans

    "Ineligi Bowl" Article on O$U Miami game

    There's some real gems in here but my very favorite is in one of the comments where 'Lilly' tries to defend OSU by stating that it used to be WAY worse and therefore the NCAA has been too hard on O$U. UM, OSU meet as scandals engulf programs
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    If I were Les Jepsen.....

  12. latrans

    You people need to calm down

    Every single thread on the first page of the basketball forum is about Woodbury. You're starting to look desperate.
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    I saw this on another site so not my find but apparently John 'cankles' Clay ran a 4.87 forty (average of two) at the combine. lol I think both Ballard and Clayborn are faster than him.
  14. latrans

    Barta discusses negative news/ media reaction

    Barta: Football media attention has been difficult - The Daily Iowan Interesting words from the AD in today's issue of the Daily Iowan. Part of me feels that he is right and that the media and the people in general are way too reactionary but on the other hand I feel a little disturbed by...
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    Just spoke to a pathologist at the hospital

    I asked him - 12 athletes all with rhabdomyolysis from excercise alone? Answer - No way. Take it for what its worth.
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    Official Iowa MSU Game Thread!!

    Go Hawks!
  17. latrans

    Iowa vs Ball St Official Game Thread

    Lets get it started guys. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ....... just killed my direcTV in IC. At least I'm not on fire.
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    Daily Iowan's take on B10 Divisions

    Commentary: Thank you, Jim Delany - The Daily Iowan The following line was in the print version but not in the online version - "Jim Delany's mess-up puts Iowa in a division it will win until the dinosaurs start walking the Earth again." Put the koolaid down dude.
  20. latrans

    "Texas saves Big 12"

    Per ESPN today. WTF! Is this not a willful distortion of the facts or what?