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  1. Bordone

    Iowa @ Maryland prediction thread

    Main factors will be the start time and how many holding calls the refs choose to acknowledge.
  2. Bordone

    IKM fumbles

    I don't know where I would go on the internet to back up this comment with data, but I seem to remember him fumbling quite a bit during his career. I do hope he's done at rb and stays on special teams.
  3. Bordone

    Postgame quick takes

    Because they turned the ball over a bunch, it was 5 total not sure when they all happened though.
  4. Bordone

    Will you be disappointed if...

    Things I've learned to not care about as an Iowa fan. Total offense, points per game, Things I've learned to care about as an Iowa fan. 3rd down completion percentage, TO margin, Net punting
  5. Bordone

    The Heartland youtube channel - by UI Athletics with great video from games, up close, interviews

    Yeah I found this last week it's a good watch.
  6. Bordone

    If you have not given the Hawkeye Instant Reaction a listen, please do

    They are going to walk it back by focusing on Oregon and the Pac-12 as they'd like nothing better than to leave a non OSU big 10 team on the outside of the playoffs. Here is a blurb from their end of day article "While the Pac-12 celebrates, the Big Ten is reeling. Its three highest-ranked...
  7. Bordone

    Why do you want Iowa beat Iowa State?

    Some Iowa Grads get law degrees. Some ISU Athletes need lawyers. It actually makes sense.
  8. Bordone

    Who else isn't sold on Petras still?

    He needed to make absolutely zero plays yesterday. I'm way ok with him chucking the ball out of bounds 5 times a game when we are up 25+ points he had the tight ends all day in the first half, indiana adjusted to take that away and our coaches appeared to use that as an opportunity to just get...
  9. Bordone

    Initial Game thoughts

    Indiana's d was probably top half of the league but their o line was probably bottom 1/3
  10. Bordone

    Initial Game thoughts

    One of their corners is an all American, saying that, when they moved him over to laporta is when the passing game stopped working. I think it will be a week to week thing depending on match ups, but I do think Tracy and Ragaini are better in the slot and hope one of the younger guys can step...
  11. Bordone

    Is Northern Iowa supposed to be really good, good, just average??

    was it 2005 they shit the bed against uni then the week after spanked us on national tv?
  12. Bordone

    Is Iowa"s defense elite?

    This: Also it's been reported that the secondary basically just watched game film of Indiana all camp because they were all veteran and didn't need much fundamental work. Next week is a much bigger test even if ISU is overrated because of the conference they play in. away game and ISU is going...
  13. Bordone

    Jordan Bohannon Returning for Sixth Season at Iowa

    That's too bad.
  14. Bordone

    Fran sucked but don't blame it all on him.

    Not sure what's bad taste about commending people who are too emotionally invested in other people acheivements for whining on a message board instead of commiting emotional or physical abuse on family members, I grew up in Iowa and it was a fairly common occurrence in many households...
  15. Bordone

    Fran sucked but don't blame it all on him.

    Not sure what fantasy land you are living in where finding playing time for people is going to be an issue next year assuming we have three starters leaving and Fran has never had a problem playing 10 deep. It's also not a guarantee that cmac or nunge will be able to play at all next year.
  16. Bordone

    Fran sucked but don't blame it all on him.

    I understand that this site is mainly used so people can complain about the football and basketball coach and more power to ya if it keeps you from beating your kids but Fran isn't why we lost this game. I think Iowa beats any of the other 7 seeds in the tourney, I also think the committee did...
  17. Bordone

    The official don't plummet into the Grand Canyon Iowa like Wile e Coyote Game thread

    I hate on him for two specific things, defense and shot selection. He had a really good game today on both of those fronts. Hope he keeps it up.
  18. Bordone

    Jordan Bohannon on Brink of Assist Record

    Second most minutes per game on the team, not sure what you are talking about.
  19. Bordone

    Hawks arc defense was poor last nite, need to pay attention

    JBo is one of the worst defensive players, not just in the conference, but in the country. I would really like to see him focus more on that end of the floor since this team doesn't need him to contribute to scoring (he's honestly more useful as a threat to score than actually scoring since...
  20. Bordone

    Fran, J-Bo, CJ Fredrick Northwestern Postgame Interviews

    Or in his case 65% of the ones you do. Take away the NW and NC games and it's really bad.