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  1. hawkfan2679

    Site not responding/not opening

    Over the last several weeks, it seems to be a coin-flip whether or not the site is going to open. When I try to connect, it spins forever and then it says that the server is taking too long to respond, as if I don't have internet, except that my Youtube TV is still working just fine (for...
  2. hawkfan2679

    Looking for 6 for Minnesota

    Probably not a large chunk of people out there looking to unload 6 tickets, but we have some friends coming into town that weekend and would like to take them all to Kinnick if possible. Ideally they would all be together as taking a shot in the dark here. Shoot me a message on...
  3. hawkfan2679

    SIAP...Iowa's win/loss chances for 2015 "Iowa's odds of a 2-0 football start — something that is viewed as critical for a productive 2015 season — is slightly better than 50/50, according to...
  4. hawkfan2679

    Transcript 3/25/15

    If you are like me you don't often check the front page of this site and would have completely missed this... KIRK FERENTZ: Sorry to learn about Father Bob. I wasn’t aware of that. Anybody that’s been around Iowa sports for a long time knows what a great person he was and just a great...
  5. hawkfan2679

    This is fantastic!

    This little guy is a 7 year old cancer patient. The fact that the players and crowd are so into this make it even better.
  6. hawkfan2679

    Iowa Pro Day Results

    Apparently the total results are on lockdown yet, but here's a few nuggets I've found (via TOS and Twitter...fwiw): Joe Gaglione Pro Day Results 40 yd dash – 4.75 4.77 Bench – 25 Vertical – 33.5†Broad – 9’9†3 Cone – 7.25 Shuttle – 4.39 Keenan Davis 40 yd dash...
  7. hawkfan2679

    Anybody watching UNC/Indiana?

    Holy cow, what a frenetic start. Very high tempo, both teams getting up and down the court in a blur. Very electric atmosphere in Bloomington... Sidenote...Marcus Paige, former Linn Mar standout, starting at PG for the Heels as a true FR.
  8. hawkfan2679

    Iowa State 2 deeps

    Stolen from the Gazette...
  9. hawkfan2679

    The opportunity for a story book ending...

    A moment of reflection (delirium?) during a late night feeding with my 3 month old... If you had the power to re-write today's ending and send Iowa's seniors out with a victory, but in order to do so had to "give back" another B1G victory in exchange for that power, which B1G victory would you...
  10. hawkfan2679

    Cedar Rapids Titans - IFL

    I didn't see a thread for them, probably because not a ton of people even care, but they had their inaugural game tonight. Technically it was only preseason, but football was played inside the ice arena. It was a fun little event to go to. The offense was pretty brutal (QB play in general)and...
  11. hawkfan2679

    Simple question re: members

    No dog in this fight whatsoever but I was wondering why the user "kmotuffe" makes threads and every single one of them is deleted. If the guy is going to keep making threads that deserve to be deleted, why not just ban him and get it over with? Besides, it looks like selective enforcement...
  12. hawkfan2679

    Gus Malzahn is the new head coach at...

    ...Arkansas State? Wow...I gotta think with his track record, even in a relatively short period of time, he could have gotten a little higher profile job. Sources -- Arkansas State Red Wolves hire Gus Malzahn of Auburn Tigers to be football coach - ESPN
  13. hawkfan2679

    I really hope this isn't true...

    Keeler sits down for a chat with DJK | Hawk Central I was gone all Easter weekend, so maybe this got posted, but I didn't see it. An excerpt: Again, if true, stay classy KF...:rolleyes:
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    April 2 practice photos

    Link: Photo Gallery
  15. hawkfan2679

    Practice video

    Practice video from 3/30/11...
  16. hawkfan2679

    New NFL rules for 2011 (assuming there is a season)

    Sorry if this was already posted... NFL votes to change rules for kickoffs, replay - ESPN Didn't they just move the kickoffs back several years ago to help the kickoff return game? Or was that because the kickers were getting too good? I like the replay idea of reviewing all scoring plays.
  17. hawkfan2679

    AP All America Team - 2010

    Link Here's the quick and dirty...Clayborn got 3rd team honors. FIRST TEAM OFFENSE Quarterback — Cam Newton, junior, 6-foot-6, 250 pounds, Auburn. Running backs — LaMichael James, sophomore, 5-9, 185, Oregon; Kendall Hunter, junior, 5-9, 200, Oklahoma State. Tackles — Gabe Carimi, senior...
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    Sending PM's

    I can't seem to do it. Others can send me messages, but for whatever reason, when I hit submit message, I don't think my messages are going anywhere. Is this a "me" issue?
  19. hawkfan2679

    Muschamp to Florida

    **Edit - Already posted...silly me, I guess I should have checked the Iowa football forum first. /sarcasm
  20. hawkfan2679

    Clayborn 1st team AA by AFCA

    Link to follow...keep getting the "Post needs to be approved by moderator..." nonsense.