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  1. ibahawkeye

    Ice Cream at Carver

    Went to the game yesterday and had a fine experience with one exception, the ice cream lines. I suggested to my wife to go at the under 4 time out in the first half thinking it would be a better time than waiting until halftime. She was in line the rest of the 1st half, the entire halftime...
  2. ibahawkeye

    O/U 9.5

    I see William Hill has it listed at 9.5 for conference wins. I haven’t went back to evaluate schedule but initial thought is it is high. Even if if is I’m not betting against the Hawks to avoid scenario but I think that would be a good bet. Anybody willing to risk real money on an over 9.5?
  3. ibahawkeye

    Badger Kick Time?

    When will it be announced?
  4. ibahawkeye

    CFB Week 5 Bets/Lines

    Not finding a ton of games/lines that I have a strong opinion on. A couple that I’m thinking about.... Vandy -6.5 at home vs N ILL- North IL is on a 3 game slate of Utah, Nebby and now Vandy. Nebby beat N IL 44-8. It’s not a conference game but feel like Vandy may look forward to these non...
  5. ibahawkeye

    Kirk’s best coaching staff?

    Is this his best? I know Norm and Reese Morgan are legends but Greg Davis was a train wreck. We have had some bad years on special teams and We still have KOK on staff from an offensive standpoint. Facilities are good. Recruiting has been improving and it shows with the depth.
  6. ibahawkeye


    With the roster we have.... Connor JBo Joe Nunge Garza I just can’t see Joe T coming in to start immediately but he’ll get minutes as backup PG. Kriener could get starter like numbers as I think he could play alongside Nunge and Garza. Pemsl likely gets minutes at the 4 too. CJ needs to be...
  7. ibahawkeye

    Frans future

    We’re heading to the tourney which I think for most exceeded expectations coming into the season. But I still don’t think overall Fran has the support of the fan base. I feel like the programs future is really looming on Cook and Moss staying. If somehow we can keep these 2 guys and hopefully...
  8. ibahawkeye

    Pipe Dream

    Tyler Cook’s game has improved but without the jump shot, I don’t anticipate he’s there and somehow is convinced to stay. Touissant ends up being legit and can help right away. We’d have: JBo, Connor, Touissant Moss, JBo Joe, Dailey Cook Garza, Kriener Nunge or Pemsl can play back up minutes...
  9. ibahawkeye

    Big Plays from RB missing

    I think most agree that we like our trio of RBs but we’re missing the explosive plays that Wadley brought as both a rusher or receiver. This year we’ve been much more explosive in the passing game but it sure doesn’t seem like we’ve had very many touches by RBs resulting in 20 plus yards or a...
  10. ibahawkeye

    This team vs 2015

    This might be an overreaction of the dominating performance today but I think this team is better than the 2015 squad. The record might not reflect it but we benefited from a fumble in 2015 and Wiscy took advantage of our mistakes this year so the records might not reflect it at the end of the...
  11. ibahawkeye

    We're going to be good next year

    I'm ready to call my shot. We're an NCAA tourney team next year. We have 5 freshman/soph starters that will all be a year older and adding Connor and Weiskamp adds the depth we need from a guard position. Now we just need to cut down the rotation. JBo (we know defense is his weakness...
  12. ibahawkeye

    James Daniels Decision In addition to Jackson, it sounds like Daniels will have a difficult decision as well.
  13. ibahawkeye

    Zone Blocking

    Is this still working for us? I read in a Pat Harry article that we haven’t been ranked higher than 49th nationally in rushing since 2009. Watching the Wisconsin offense and their pulling lineman seemed to just bulldoze our D. Is it harder for a Defense to know which direction a play is going...
  14. ibahawkeye

    Wide Receivers still a major concern

    Our leading WR is a walk on with 326 yards on the year which is ranked 166th in NCAA. The freshman are seeing the field some but other than ISM vs ISU game, they haven't made much impact at all. It makes me nervous about the WR position even in the near future because I don't recall many WR...
  15. ibahawkeye

    4th and 5

    Go for it.... I like our chances better on converting than punting, having to stop them. Even if you do, you're out of timeouts and field position would be bad regardless. Too many variables and you take the risk of never getting the ball back. Put the game on the line on 4th and 5 so your...
  16. ibahawkeye

    Credit to Brian Ferentz

    He's gotta get some credit here. 1) The passing game is improved. No doubt about it. 2) He showed he wasn't gonna give up on a guy who fumbled on his first career carry. The early play call to get him a catch and some early success was a great call.
  17. ibahawkeye

    Five Star Forward Jeremiah Robinson visits Iowa

    Hopefully Rob can provide more insight on this kid but saw a tweet stating he is visiting on 09/16. Guess we'll find out if Fran can land a 5 star
  18. ibahawkeye

    Newspaper Articles

    I've noticed recently that the Gazette and Register seem to have exact the same articles. Moorehouse and Leistikow both wrote today about how Iowa cares and importance of ISU game. Why are these guys writing such similar stories instead of more unique content?
  19. ibahawkeye

    Is Manny our top corner??

    If that's the case, we may have one of our best pair of corners. I've always felt there was a clear #1 and #2 in the past but based on what I've seen of Jackson last year and again today, he's damn good. So if Manny is better or just as good as that, we're in damn good shape.
  20. ibahawkeye

    AJ Epenesa on Leadership Group

    Would he be the first ever true freshman??