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    Andrew Van Ginkel JUCO

    He went to South Dakota for freshman year, and will be at Iowa Western this year so he can transfer and play right away after playing at Iowa Western. Theoretically he could transfer after the fall semester I believe.
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    #2 player in Nation AJ EPENESA COMMITS TO IOWA!!

    Rivals: 4*, #27 overall, #1 Strong side DE, #1 Illinois ESPN: 4* (84), #53 overall, #4 position, #2 Illinois 247: 5*, #13 overall, #1 position, #Illinois Scout: 4*, #16 overall, #1 DE, #1 Illinois
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    2016 Projected Starting Lineup

    King has until January 15 to decide. They couldn't officially apply for Ott's medical redshirt until the season was over so it probably happened over today or sometime this week. The committee doesn't meet until February 22-23.
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    Ohio St At It Again

    No big deal, doesn't really warrant a suspension. It would if he was under the influence or if it was a hit and run.
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    dumb question

    It won't be a tournament with Drake and UNI in the same conference.
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    So Wadley started B1G Championship game...

    Yep, had a long TD pass to Vandeberg on first possession after TD to Smith, but MSU defender knew he was beat and grabbed him for the 15 yard penalty. Iowa got nothing on that drive.
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    Would a healthy CJ be much better?

    Difference is play making ability. Game, set, match.
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    The Last Indiana Scoring Drive

    The key to the MSU-Nebraska call was that there was contact and once there is contact it can not be reviewed. So the most important part of the call was the initial call as it is in most cases. Had the refs said he wasn't forced out it would have stood, too. If there was no contact it could have...
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    Of Kirk's tendencies, which one are you happiest he broke?

    Better special teams play by going back to some starters being on special teams.
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    Does Wadley win BTPOTW?

    Could be Armstrong of Nebraska or or Laviano of Rutgers.
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    Hosts on BTN Live just told Hawkeye fans to

    They said more than Iowa fans should buy tickets to Indy. To be fair, it was a social media question, and they said regardless if Iowa is playing in the game they should buy tickets because its a fun time.
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    Good read on Iowa QB commit Nic Shimonek Sorry Jon, I had to dig this up and give you a hard time. Let's see how Ertz does as the starting defensi..... I mean quarterback for Kansas St. Keep up the hard work, I appreciate all you do for the Iowa faithful...
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    Iowa vs. Illinois St. Score predictions

    24-21 Iowa.
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    Bielema: We're not sexy

    Laying the foundation to be Iowa's next coach.
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    Iowa Shrine Bowl - Paulsen Boys

    Is there a box score somewhere?
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    So I have a wedding to attend on September 19th.....

    Smartphone, BTN2GO, and your own or someone else's account login. That way everyone wins to a point.
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    Orlando Classic

    Really, Cocoa Beach? I thought it was was dump the last time I was there, the town at least. Maybe I was in the wrong part as we went straight to the beach. Daytona was much better. We'll be down there during this time. Hitting up Orlando, Tampa, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, and maybe Key...
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    2016 Recruiting Over/Under - 9 Two Stars; 1 Four Star
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    Big Ten West (Recruiting)

    Most official would be looking at it in a few years, not after their junior year of hh school.
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    The new Moo U basketball forum!

    Not any better on HR.