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  1. tm3308

    King piling up honors

    SIAP. King was named the Jack Tatum Award winner. The award goes to the top DB in the nation, and four of the past six winners have gone on to win the Thorpe. He's also one of five finalists for the Walter Camp POY (definitely didn't see that coming)...
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    Time for the REAL Hate Week

    **** WISCONSIN
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    Logic invited to WNBA draft

    Sam Logic is one of 12 players who will be attending the WNBA draft on Thursday. In other Iowa-related news, Kiah Stokes will also be attending.
  4. tm3308

    The Power of Healing

    Figured this place could use a break from Jok. Apparently this ran on Sportscenter yesterday, but I missed it. Saw the link on the MBB Facebook page and was surprised no one had shared it yet.
  5. tm3308

    Iowa #2 Tight End U of the 2000's

    ESPN is running a series on which schools can call themselves "X-position" U. Iowa took second place for tight ends, behind Miami. They also tied for 9th for OL with Ohio State. They've not started the defensive positions yet...
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    Charles Godfrey Sacrifices for the Panthers
  7. tm3308

    All-Time Starting 5 on a budget

    Interesting article on BHGP. You get $15 to pick a starting five, with five choices at each position ranging from $5 to $1. Who you got? For my money, I'm going: PG- Lester ($5). SG-...
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    Printy taking over at Linn-Mar

    Just saw that Jaime Printy has been named the new girls basketball head coach at Linn-Mar. Not exactly a shocker to see her go into coaching. She should be an excellent fit for however long she wants to coach in Marion; wouldn't be surprised if she ends up on the Iowa staff if Bluder sticks...
  9. tm3308

    Open practice

    I'm at the open practice and didn't see any other threads on it, so I can post some updates on what's going on. KMM, Mitchell, Harris, King and McCarron were the guys fielding punts. Didn't see any muffs, and there's a pretty stiff breeze today. They're doing offensive and defensive walk...
  10. tm3308

    Brandon Snyder, West Lyon

    I know there has already been a thread or two dedicated to Snyder's walk-on status a few weeks ago, but I came across some interesting information about him after watching him play at the state basketball tournament (where he put on an insane display of passing ability and was the all-tournament...
  11. tm3308

    McCaffery puts family first, day of NCAA game

    Nice story from the Gazette on the situation with Pat McCaffery. Tough to believe there's a rift between the players and Fran after reading that. McCaffery puts family first, day of NCAA game | TheGazette
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    Marble 1st team All-B1G, White 3rd team

    Gesell got the sportsmanship award for the team. Nice to finally see someone in Black and Gold make first team again. White, Marble Earn All-Big Ten Honors - Iowa Official Athletic Site
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    Lady Hawks get another win

    Hawks took down OSU tonight, 65-61 on senior night. Taylor finished with 21 points, 7 boards, 4 assists and 4 steals in her last game at Carver. Dixon (14 points) and Doolittle (12 points) were the only other Hawks in double figure scoring. Logic posted 10 assists and 4 steals.
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    I'm done.

    Let me first say that I'm still damn proud to call myself a Hawk fan. I'll still support this team from the opening tip to the final buzzer every night out. But I'm done holding my breath waiting for this group to get over the hump. I'm just going to accept them for what they are: a solid...
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    I thought we had a system going, where Meat started the official thread?
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    Grantland's All-Ginger team

    Came across this on Grantland and found it a little amusing. This is the first time I've seen Gesell's dunk routine from this year's Blowout. Definitely far more athletic than you'd think by just looking at him. Mark Titus’s Triangle NCAA All-Stars: Redheads «
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    Kentucky @ Arkansas

    Razorbacks up by 3 with 11:35 to play. WOO PIG!!!!
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    Jordan Walsh

    Saw Walsh is listed at the top of the depth chart for RG this week. I can't help but scratch my head on this. It's one thing when fans are calling to see Canzeri, Beathard, or Law, when people are thinking that KF isn't playing the best players but have no evidence to support that the guys they...
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    Iowa Football: A Tale of Two Halves

    Obviously, there is more than a healthy share of frustration on the board right now. I think I've probably been among the more vocal today, and I've voiced my frustrations with the poor second half coaching. But it's important to note that this isn't just a knee-jerk reaction to a single game...
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    I caught a few minutes of tonight's show as I was on my way to the gas station, and I had to listen to the hosts spend a good 2-3 minutes trying to figure out what remaining trophy games were on Iowa's schedule. Not 10 seconds before that search for knowledge began, one of them was using "we"...