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    If You Really Want to Know What's Going on With IA Football

    I don't know about you. But I once visited this site multiple times a day. I now cringe when I even think about clicking the link. My once beloved has been dragged down into the political muck. If you want to know what happened specifically with Iowa football and what is...
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    IowaHawkeyeFB is crying cuz, SAME 'OL HAWKEYES!!!!

    I can see him now at his keyboard ready to hit enter and gets his heart broken. :p Meanwhile, I couldn't be prouder of the effort this team put forth. An amazing win. Pemsl stepped up, Evelyn stepped up, Kreiner upped his game...outstanding defense all around. Even the refs couldn't take this...
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    Kansas/KSU Classin' It Up in the Big 12

    I watched some of this game and of course missed this part. Unfortunately, our current culture is now bleeding over into sports.
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    OSU is shi**ing the bed

    2-5 in the B1G and losers of 5 of their last 6. I wonder if any freshmen are rethinking their choices about now. :rolleyes:
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    Is Jess Settles still with the B1G Network?

    Maybe I've just missed him, but I haven't seen him on there in forever.
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    Is Fran a GD genius or what?

    I gotta admit when he gets those tech fouls it annoys and embarrasses the heck out of me. But the last two games (Neb & Maryland) those T's have lit a fire under the Hawks and really seemed to motivate the team. Sure it wasn't enough vs Neb. Hell, nothing would've been enough when you shoot...
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    So if KF were to announce his retirement today...

    ... would you be onboard if Brian Ferentz were announced as head coach? I gotta admit, I've been wavering back and forth for the last two seasons on this topic. But after the Holiday Bowl, I think he gets it that our offense needs to grow out of the 19th century. I'm ready for more Ferentz...
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    **Official CW Bowl, Hope Both Teams Lose Game Thread**

    Just kidding with the title. Go ahead and win one, little brother. BTW, what is with isu pretending that black is one of their team colors?? Those uni's look hideous with the black helmets. They look like Hawkeye wannabees.
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    Complete Fail by FS1

    FS1, your coverage of the Holiday Bowl couldn't have been more biased and there wasn't any attempt to hide it. It started with the FS1 pregame, where they did a 15 minute preview of USC. Preview of Iowa? 30 seconds of AJE. That was it. As an intro to the game,Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush and...
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    This guy is not anywhere near 100%. I feel bad for him. He looks like he's in pain out there.
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    ***Un-official Whar game thread, Whar? Hawks vs um***

    We ain't behind yet!
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    What is our WR situation?

    Two questions: #1 When will Branden Smith be back? #2 WTH ever happened to Oliver Martin?? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
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    Has the OL finally gotten their sh*t together?

    Stanley had plenty of time to throw today against a pretty good IL defense. Still couldn't make holes for the RB's but I see some progress. Your thoughts?
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    Marty Tirrell....WTF????

    Looks like Marty knows there's a sucker born every minute... LINK
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    Hawkeye Fans: You SUCK!!

    What a pathetic showing by the Iowa crowd. No energy even though packed house. A few roars after Iowa makes, but other than that, crickets. People getting up and leaving with 4:00 left. Some folks tried to get on their feet and get some energy going, and the rest of the blue haired front row...
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    Isaiah Moss??

    Where was he the 2nd half vs Pedo St? He played only 21 minutes. He was 4/6 shooting and 100% from 3pt for 12pts. I don't remember seeing him in the 2nd half. I've tried searching for 2nd half stats but I can't find any. They gotta be out there. Does anybody recall?
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    Well's time

    I'm not a "FIRE THE COACH" guy by any means. Hell, I wanted to give Lick one more year. But that performance vs Purdue was just uninspired and pathetic. Just by experience alone Iowa should've at least competed with Purdue. Purdue is young, inexperienced and not that great. Iowa was out of the...
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    Icing the waste or genius move?

    I've never thought icing the kicker did anything. Tyler Kluver, Hawks former long snapper said the same on Twitter.
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    A Poem for Hawk fans

    The link is to another fan website,, so I hope that is not against the rules. If it is please take it down. But this is one of the greatest things I've ever read on Iowa football. It's spot on and pure genius. Enjoy! Link
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    Becky gets ZERO love from BTN gameday

    Clean sweep from the hosts, all picking Iowa to win. Totally focused on Iowa, and barely acknowledged wi. I love it!! Go Hawks.