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    The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread

    ...this line and the recruiting misses there, next year anyway. I also don't think Kirk wants to do a retread in his last 7 years, needing to fire his kid to do it. I do know that Iowa will have a hard time doing better than we did this year during that period, regardless of who the coach is...
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    The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread

    Because the A.D. has to fire him, and that ain't happening.
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    Congratulations Fellas…

    Feels great to be back in the CCG. To he honest, I didn't think the Gophers had it in them. Of the two choices, I think Iowa matches up better with Michigan. Going to be really hard to do anything on offense, but maybe the defense can bow up and Iowa gets it done on ST like at Nebraska. But...
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    In any other P5 program…

    I don't think you fire anyone. But you can't defend how bad the offense has been. That's consistently poor. They did at least try the screen and slant game.
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    In any other P5 program…

    I don't think we should fire Kirk. This is fine. The beginning of the season made it look like this team was ahead of schedule, and I bought in. But this is where I had this team to start the year, 9 - 3, just different losses in a differ Next year is where I thought it was go time, even with...
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    This offense

    Here, I'll help you:[users]=cincyhawk&o=date[users]=cincyhawk&o=date[users]=cincyhawk&o=date...
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    This offense

    Dude, I haven't suggested firing anyone in my posts this season, unless you can quote me on that? I was very high on the Hawks overall talent level on average compared to every other Ferentz team. I did not expect the DLine to be good at all, and it held up against lots of veteran teams to...
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    This offense

    At least I'm not a troll who tells fans that hope is delusional on a website that makes money off of that hope, and that they should go root for someone else. I suppose it makes money off the misery, too, though. Glad you're here to tell us that things will never be good, Fry. And how awful we...
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    This offense

    For somebody that hates what football message boards and fans are, are you sure you still want to be moderator? Wouldn't it be easier to find another hobby?
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    ***Iowa vs Purdue Game thread***

    Petras adding more fuel to the fire.
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    What is this rumor that 4 Penn St players are out from covid (including Clifford)?

    ...BWI as well, but then showed pics of everyone but Clifford getting on the plane. Nobody there seems to have given it credence, and there was an interview with Franklin on the plane. So I'm saying there's more smoke than fire. Doesn't matter who they bring. Hawks have to play them just the...
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    Official: Where's the Gamethread? Gamethread: Iowa Poaches some Sheep from Out West

    Exactly. Everyone but Petras fucked up on that play.
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    Our biggest win is against a

    That's what gets you to bowl games!
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    would they fire Harbaugh if Iowa blows them out of the water?

    The UM press are after him. They think anybody can win 70% of their games up there. They think their program is in a dark place. Jimmy really has two problems - 1) a young defense, 2) a bad quarterback. One of those he can fix once Mccaffery is out of concussion protocol. The other one will...
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    Howe: Cy-Hawk Game A Treasure for Our State

    Yes, Phil would be my choice, too, if we were to go in-house. He's certainly earned it, and would keep the Iowa identity on defense. I don't know about offense, though.
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    Uh Oh

    If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all. Just follow orders. You never criticize anyone at your job do you?
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    Ferentz Era Over

    ...year. I actually think it's rarer to have a long period of terrible football in a big conference - because if you have any pride at all you fire non-performers until you get a good performer. Rare is perennial 10 win seasons. That's top ten programs in the country. 9 win seasons is good -...
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    Thoughts on Fran

    What's the downside? We aren't going to win with them, so if thou lose them who cares? Right now this team might not win a Big Ten game.
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    Eliminated From March Madness?

    Now can we fire Barta?
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    The Vols fired Butch Jones

    Dean, what's the mean and median of Power 5 schools? That we are in the top 20 there doesn't mean 40 other teams aren't also right there. Also that's 6th out of 14 teams in conference. That's the median. It might not be the mean, though. The reason I ask is because I feel like if you placed...