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    The Kentucky Fried....Iowa on offense don't play like a chicken official Citrus Bowl Game thread

    Come on d... You've played too well to lose this now.
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    Iowa win or B1G rep in CFP...which is better?

    If this goes like that 12 - 0 post from 2015... wow
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    Heads rolling today....

    I'm not wishing for anything, just trying to get you to put forth where you draw the line. So for you it's overall winning percentage, since that's what you posted. Not season winning percentage, overall, because Iowa is .777 on the season. It would take 4 straight 0-12 seasons for Brian to...
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    Badgers, Badgers, Mushroom, Snake and only the West Title is on the line official game thread

    You think Jones and Tracy aren't athletic on the edges? Not to mention Bruce and Johnson? Switch the scheme.
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    Upset watch

    UCLA with the pick to lose the game by the backup qb.
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    Too early to think about next year?

    Moss is gone too, no?
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    C'mon Maryland can you dump Minny??!!!

    Iowa needs Perdue to lose tw He'd make a great OC for someone.
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    This offense

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    This offense > at the very least two of them. Wait, I thought our guys were team guys, so they'd stick around? Because only primadonnas don't when they lose their jobs. You seem to be under the impression that I think Petras sucks. I don't. I think his arm is amazing. I think he's an excellent...
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    This offense

    ...of them. I was pissed, because I care, and because looking at Perdue's performance against everyone else, they aren't that good. And when you lose with the stakes as high as they were at #2 in the country to an average football team, if you don't care, why are you on here talking about Iowa...
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    Are the Ferentzs trolling our emotions?.....not intentionally of course...but something to chew on...

    It's the "needing help" part. Before Saturday, they didn't need help. Now they pretty much have to win out and have Purdue lose twice more, or it gets super confusing in the West. That's what really bothers me. If it looked like that was definitely going to happen, I'm not bothered as much. But...
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    Are the Ferentzs trolling our emotions?.....not intentionally of course...but something to chew on...

    ...two teams that could control their own destiny with a win against Iowa in the West coming into last weekend. Minnesota and Purdue. Iowa could lose one against any other team, and win the West. They lost to one of the only teams that they couldn't lose to and be in the driver's seat. Now they...
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    Are the Ferentzs trolling our emotions?.....not intentionally of course...but something to chew on...

    ...we looked vs Purdue (should have been 35 - 0, with the dropped pick six and the fumble into the pylon) they aren't winning in Madison. If they lose in Madison, the season is over because you can't win the West with a loss to Purdue and Wisconsin, who are right with you in the standings. Head...
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    ***Iowa vs Purdue Game thread***

    Not so sure. I think they need two more. Iowa's moved the ball the last two drives. Should be 14 - 10 right now.
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    At peace with this Hawkeye season

    For the injury thing, it's the weakest excuse ever: > Well, he didn't trip over a rock, now did he? Iowa knocked out 6 PSU starters in that game. Pretty sure better talented teams don't get beaten to a pulp like that. This isn't basketball. 4 P5 qbs down, 6 more to go.
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    ESPN is projecting Iowa is in the National Title Game vs Georgia

    Even if you are #1 or #2, you always need luck, guys. Bama OSU - OSU catches lightning in a bottle after an injury. LSU - same deal. Clemson had a great qb, but look at them now without him. You have to be great to be in the conversation. But you have to be a little lucky to win. There...
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    Iowa/Penn St Predictions

    ...I'd say that was to offset the size of the Pennsylvania betting pool vs the Iowa betting pool. But it's not, they're giving + odds for PSU. They're begging for PSU betters when they'd lose money if Iowa beat the spread (which means an Iowa W). Vegas does not lose money. It's a fishy line, for...
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    As good as it gets

    ESPN Playoof predictor, should Iowa lose this weekend and win the BTCG, has Iowa at a 79% playoff member and 7% Natty winner if they win the rest of their games. With 0 losses, the natty percentage goes to a whopping 8%. So Saturday truly does not matter, guys. Pressure's off. Edit: Even...
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    what if

    You are truly in midseason form.
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    If Iowa wins against PSU, the only other team that could get to Indy in the West is......

    It especially helps that they have Rutgers as their third crossover. They've beaten Iowa 6/8 lately.