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    Could go into a lot of details on the loss vs NW but what sums it up to me is that Iowa was badly outcoached. Player readiness, game plan, in-game situational adjustment, player management, offensive scheming, player strength and conditioning, etc, etc, etc. The coaches have kept the comments...
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    No alcohol busts over the weekend

    Looks like we made it thru another weekend with no arrests! I like it.....
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    Audibles, Are they all to the same play?

    I may be wrong on this but my only memory of audibles this year are to a run play up the gut, maybe off tackle on occasion. Am I right on this or am I just not following along closely enough?
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    CJ's Mojo, Get it Back

    Was wondering to myself how CJ could get his swagger and performance back and something did come to mind. How about ditching the Duck Dynasty/Grizzly Adams look and go back to the Sunshine one? Samson needed his locks and maybe CJ does too. The gangly beard and lack of locks just might be...
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    Hats off the the Hawks

    I've been critical of the coaching staff recently and thought that I should congratulate the coaches for a job well done Saturday night against Michigan. They had the game plan, they had the players well coached and ready. All has not been solved, and still hope some offseason changes will...
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    Was fantastic last night. I saw major league defensive presence and effectiveness and I don't remember a turnover. I call it beautiful. He's a big cog in this wheel of Big Ten terror, the Iowa Hawkeyes. Loved when he didn't get called for the foul and he mugged the Spartan under the...
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    Big Ten Championship Game

    By my view I believe we are looking at an approximately 50:50 chance that Iowa will play Michigan in the Big Championship game. For that to happen all we need is: a. 2 more Iowa victories or 1 Iowa win and 1 Badger loss - Highly probable b. Ohio State beats Michigan St. -...
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    Akrum Wadley

    Mr Wadley was most impressive to watch today. He demonstrated a skillset with no flaws that I could see on this day. Vision, acceleration, cut ability, top end, and power were all seen today in a performance that blew me away. Other than fumbling, he looked good last year - but he has...
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    Can you see the Hawks dominate on Saturday?

    I can see it very clearly.
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    Why Iowa lost the game

    Offensive output in the first half. No question. The D allowed 13 points and played great then and in the 2nd half. The offense in the first half played not to lose and scored 3. That was the game. If the playcalling would've been there and we had played to win, passed down the field...
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    Can't respond to a CJ without using the the 4 letter word (Jake)

    From today's interview: Q. You said at Maryland that C.J. Beathard may not go. Is he fully functional this week and in the plans at all? COACH FERENTZ: Yeah, I think we have a handful of guys we’ll still wait and see on this week. But I think he’s fine, and Jake’s fine, so...
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    Name for Iowa's Offense

    I'm going with this: PPCCDO or shortened abbreviation PCDO or as Double P Double C - DO otherwise known as: Pathetic Play Calling Check Down Offense Whatta ya think?
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    First Iowa offensive play of Indiana game

    It's hard to pick this one but I'll go off on a wild tangent and say - Weisman run left side. What is your prediction?
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    Ferentz as wrestling coach

    Ever think of this one? Think it would go something like this: With the Iowa senior, the second best wrestler on the team in his weight class, is ranked in the top 10 against an unranked freshman, up 4-1 at the end of the 1st period in the dual with ISU, I think it would go something like...
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    James Vandenberg a Viking

    James is officially a Viking through free agent signing. He get another chance to continue his football career, which is great for him. I hope it works out well for the Vikes as well, as I am a died in purple fan. Good luck James!
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    How do I watch the game from my computer?

    Real emergency here. I am stuck in Mexico until tomorrow and need to see the game? How do I watch it from my computer? Cannot find a way so far. Help! I am pretty sure they break out of funk today and I need to see it!