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  1. JoeyLabasForPresident

    What can QB Whisper BF do with a Heisman Transfer QB?

    Bryce says he wants to play for a worse team. I think we can give him that opportunity. Sorry Joey, your time is next year. Be sure to click the link to his rant. It’s very eye opening.
  2. JoeyLabasForPresident

    NFL Playoffs - Wild Card Weekend

    Who you guys got? LV - Cincy hasn't been bad so far, Derek Carr has impressed me a lot this season.
  3. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Better Luck Next Year

    This one is going to be remembered as one of those seasons that could have really been something, but ultimately, what is going to matter ten, twenty years from now is whether this team, and especially this staff, builds on this year and gets us back the the B1G Championship Game and beyond next...
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    @Fryowa Requesting a name change gracious and omnipotent admin.
  5. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Meth Bowins Sighting in Las Vegas

    She just opened the Wisconsin ASU game with some weird line about the "DARKness of the Death Star" and she really growled into Dark. Middling Mertzes by two scores.
  6. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Big 12 Expansion Bowl

    Tennessee and Purdue are competing to see which team has more Big 12 potential, neither has any defense at all today. In all honestly, if not for the B1G history aspect, Purdue would be in the Big 12 championship every year.
  7. JoeyLabasForPresident

    A Clown and a Tiger Meet at the Circus

    Clemson inside the ten.
  8. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Maryland Goes Bowling

    The Terps just followed up a 3 and out with a punt return for a touchdown. It's a lot warmer than the Hawk's last trip to Fenway.
  9. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Game Thread: Who Loves their Cousin More Championship

    I think Bama will come through, those cousin fuckers love family like nobody else, but I hope they don't.
  10. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Weird-12 Championship

    I always forget that the sport they play over on the west coast isn't the same as the rest of the country until this championship game because it comes on while I am eating my cream of wheat before my bed time. It is also weird that they insist on not kicking off until 9:00 PM the rest of the...
  11. JoeyLabasForPresident

    The Strange Chain of Championship Events that give Iowa a 50% Shot at the Playoffs

    Look, I don't think Nate Copper is very smart myself, but this article is a fun trip.
  12. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Head Coaching Carousel: Brian Kelly to LSU

    Who does Notre Dame go after? Lots of movement this year.
  13. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Bielema Giving Fleck the Business

    Don’t look now, but I’m starting to wish Iowa had Illinois earlier in the schedule.
  14. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Matt Campbell Showing What it is to be a Clown

    This guy has worse clock management than Kirk Ferentz.
  15. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Indianapolis Tips for B1G Championship

    Alright folks, I am going to book a hotel in Indy if (when) the Hawks slaughter the pedos next Saturday. Might even do it before hand. Questions for those in Indy or who went to the championship game in 2015: How was it? What are your tips? Where did you stay? How is the tailgating? What...
  16. JoeyLabasForPresident

    Best Case Scenario, Iowa Starts 1-1

    Remember folks, this is what all of Iowa Sports media told us. The best this team could do was split these first two games. Well, the boys balled out, and slaughtered two ranked programs. Now Iowa gets three cupcakes to figure out the offense. If all goes well, we receive Penn State on October 9...