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  1. docholihawk

    What's on the tailgating menu?

    Due to my ongoing health problems and my recent diagnoses of Cushings Syndrome and esophogeal cancer I will once again be watching my Hawkeyes from home. Sometimes I try to re-create the tailgate experience in my living room and I'm just wondering if anyone can share what they'll be having for...
  2. docholihawk

    Has anyone ever figured out what points are for.

    Just curious. We have points in our description of posts, likes, etc. I know they rarely get updated but was this an idea for something that never took off?
  3. docholihawk

    Have we had a depth chart yet?

    Just curious. I don't recall seeing a depth chart released in January. Does anybody remember seeing one and if there were any surprises.
  4. docholihawk

    Jeff Brohm in at Purdue.

    Forget Les Miles. Jeff Brohm is the new head coach at Purdue. I don't know much about him. Came over from Western Kentucky. Anybody know what kind of coach he'll be?
  5. docholihawk

    Baylor wearing all black to protest Briles firing.

    Talk about a school that needs to get slapped hard. Baylor players wearing all black to protest the firing of Art Briles. I could understand if the players made the decision but this decision was made by the coaches and administration. I guess they still don't believe they did anything wrong...
  6. docholihawk

    Have we had a prediction thread for wins this season.

    I don't recall if we've had one. I know we're young and going to struggle but we do have a lot of guys who had some experience. I think we win 20 but end up in the NIT. I do believe Cook is a stud who plays like a vet. Some guys just have it. We have the guys, we should be able to run all day long.
  7. docholihawk

    Do we have a won-loss season prediction yet?

    I know we had a game by game prediction thread but I didn't read them all close enough to get a feel for our overall predictions. We may have already had a thread on this I just don't remember. I'm picking Iowa to go 9-3 this year with an upset going a game either way. Even if we lose when we...
  8. docholihawk

    2010 Insight Bowl Iowa vs. Missouri

    Just watched the replay of our bowl game with Mizzou. Our team was loaded with talent. I looked up the roster and if I;m not mistaken we had 26 guys that spent varying degrees of time in the NFL. What's more important was how good our safeties, Brett Greenwood and Tyler Sash were and the...
  9. docholihawk

    Will A.J. Espenesa redshirt

    A.J. Espenesa is one of the most highly rated recruits in the nation. It's not often we get a recruit of his caliber. I'm wondering if some of the posters on here who knows the ins and outs of recruits and what they need in order to play right away or if they need to spend a year with coach...
  10. docholihawk

    What are we looking at for next year?

    While we have yet another disappointing seasons end it makes me wonder who is going to start next year, who is going to be the team leader and will we be good enough to get to the NIT or better. Of course Jok will start and be the number one option on offense. Uhl, I think he needs to make...
  11. docholihawk

    Any idea of IOWA's pro day?

    I need some help. I've searched everywhere I can think of and I can't find any information on Iowa's pro day. Are they not having one? That would seem strange since their seems to be several players who could be drafted/offered tryouts. Anyone with information of when and who might be...
  12. docholihawk

    Anybody heard the news on draft prospects for Iowa players?

    I know the draft is a long way away but has anybody heard the prospectus for Iowa players. The NFL combine should be coming up in a couple of weeks and I haven't heard if anyone is participating. I open this up for those in the know, those who don't know or anyone with an opinion. Thanks.
  13. docholihawk

    IOWA one for the ages vs. Stanford Rose Bowl game thread.

    This is it. Our biggest game in a few years. I wasn't sure if I should start the thread since the last time I did we lost. If you'd rather someone else start a game thread let me know and I'll defer to that thread. In any event I have it going Iowa's way 31-28. GO HAWKS!!!
  14. docholihawk

    IT'S TIME!!! IOWA HAWKEYES GO TO THE PLAYOFFS-Michigan St. goes home crying.

    This is it. This is one of the biggest if not the biggest game in my 39 years of being a HAWKEYE fan. I have it 31-28 IOWA. Note to coaches and players, please don't feel obligated to win by 3 like I predicted. Please feel free to put a beatdown on Sparty of epic proportions.
  15. docholihawk

    Brett Greenwood segment.

    Just saw the Brett Greenwood segment on college game day. Thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Brett and his family. As another person who has dealt with serious health issues I know the doctors are quick to say what a person can't do. According to Brett's dad, Dave Greenwood Brett's...
  16. docholihawk

    Suicide game

    Just wondering if the suicide game thread has been posted yet this week? I went back through 8 pages of threads and didn't see it. Sorry for my ineptness.
  17. docholihawk

    IOWA-Nebby finishes with a losing record game thread.

    Sorry this is getting started so late. Today is the day that Iowa makes history and Nebby experiences a season losing record. I think it will be close but Iowa wins 30-23.
  18. docholihawk

    IOWA-Purdue bites the big one game thread.

    In years past I would be worried about losing a game like this but this team seems focused. Iowa wins this easily 38-16. GO HAWKS!!!
  19. docholihawk

    IOWA-Minny receives payback game thread.

    Big game tonight. BLACKOUT. I think it will be a close game but for once I'd like to see Kirk take the low road and hang 50 on an opponent when they've done it to us. IOWA 24-13. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. docholihawk

    IOWA-Indiana bows down game thread.

    I know this is early but I'm leaving at 11:00 to pick up a scooter/rascal. Whatever they're called it's a mobility device for disabled people. God bless Karen and Lavern for giving this to me for free. It's practically new and I am so blessed, praise God. I'm dependent on a couple of friends who...