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  1. mrolympia

    Boycott Barta

    Barta should have been gone as soon as he lost the lesbian lawsuit, this much we can all agree on. PC culture should never be allowed to infect Iowa. Only thing that will make a difference is $$$. Boycott attending Iowa athletic events until he is fired or until Dolph is reinstated. Say boycotts...
  2. mrolympia

    what is Iowa's record when wearing those awful gray unis?

    if it's a losing one they should burn them.
  3. mrolympia

    off topic: random crap

    since there is no OT board (it would make too much sense to create one) so post random internet crap you find here since there's dead period now.
  4. mrolympia

    Imagine you are an illinois fan

    Stop laughing damn it! There, assuming they actually have one how disgusted are you that they need to win their final 2 games to make it to a bowl and this is the effort they come out with, literally one of the worst games in program history.
  5. mrolympia

    who's your next head coach: a fun theoretical discussion

    theoretically, say ferentz "steps down" at the end of the year (or today), who do you go after? We all know barta is willing to pay insane amounts of money 7 million per season is the limit (that's pretty stupid but not top 4 stupid) my top 3 in no real order: Mark Stoops, Mike Leach, Chris...
  6. mrolympia

    time to clean house

    Barta (have no clue how he survived the lesbian lawsuit), Ferentz, Mac all need to go. Anybody who still watches Iowa sports knows why.
  7. mrolympia

    how bad was this game (meme edition)

  8. mrolympia

    which statement is more true

    nebraska managed to graps defeat from the jaws of victory today, starts 0-6 for the first time ever and has now lost 10 straight games. Rutgers is in the midst of a season so pathetic it could be ranked as a crime against humanity.
  9. mrolympia

    does it seem like a down year in college football overall?

    Alabama seems to be two tiers above everyone else. I wouldn't count the hawks out against any other team though, they all seem beatable which isn't something you can say a lot of years. Normally it's "gotta have the other team fuck up and play very well" when facing a top 5 or 10 team. This...
  10. mrolympia

    which was more surprising today?

    the final score or that they kept the first team O out there and threw deep balls the last possession?
  11. mrolympia

    imagine an alternate universe where the Iowa offense.......

    average 400 yards and 30 ppg. How many more wins per year & top 10 finishes would that team have?
  12. mrolympia

    Fire Levar Woods

    how many seasons is this guy going to be allowed to screw up for Iowa? This is two now.
  13. mrolympia

    about time for some Iowa City road construction projects

    with football season less than two weeks from now, it seems the right time for them to start on some construction projects. They always do.
  14. mrolympia

    bring back the off topic board

    so that we might revive the "crapping your pants at work" thread
  15. mrolympia

    What's the stross threat about?

    we're 3 months out from football season, let's see if we can keep this going until then in the spirit of the original. If you forgot what the original threat eventually evolved into, this picture should sum it up nicely.
  16. mrolympia

    ot - "coach" tv show related

    I know you can find minnesota state screamin' eagles gear but I really want a (insert whatever year they "won" the national championship) shirt. Everything I've found just appears to be logo shirts.
  17. mrolympia

    mods, enough of the spam bots

    some of these threads have been up for a week
  18. mrolympia

    OT: barta

    yes, another barta thread. If you're sick of these you can just use the back button now. Nobody is forcing you to read this. Just for curiosity sake, how much does it cost to rent a banner plane? replace "UCLA" with "Iowa" and "Alford" with "Barta" and you get the gist of it.
  19. mrolympia

    403 error

    everytime I post a reply I get this damn message. what gives?
  20. mrolympia

    remember these idiots?