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    Yesterday thoughts

    Thought maybe Fran would go to more than A token press to get us moving. 90ft of pressure and constant subbing. Also pissed me off we gave their big guy bunny's. Guy shoots 48% from the FT line. Could have created a couple more possessions right there. Easy to second guess. Good season...
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    Unsung heros

    The three guards we have in JT, Perkins, Ulis have changed how Fran approaches the game. In years past we could not play man D because we had no one to stop the penetration. We also did not have guards who could break a defense down on offense. These three unsung heros don't always show up in...
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    Hostage situation

    No way Jr should have been given the job. Now he hasn't produced, even average results. 123 out of 130 is laughable with big ten money and facilities at your disposal. The Ferentz family will hold the program hostage till they decide differently
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    Josh O #23

    What a great game. 7 pts, 5 rebounds in 16 minutes. Hawks need his size 6'11" 265
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    O line

    This group has really improved the last two games run blocking.
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    Iowa Nebraska line

    Will be curious as to the line for the game. Is it possible for a 9-2 team to be a dog vs a 3-8 team?
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    Iowa total offense ranking

    130 teams. Iowa was 120th before Wisky game. Currently 124th. Only P5 school worse is Colorado. The numbers don't lie....our offense sucks. The two questions that need answered are is this exceptable and is anyone going to be held accountable.
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    Jr needs to go....what a disgrace....with two weeks to prepare....laughable....o line coach too
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    Refund policy

    There should be a law if the home team does not get at least 300 yards in offense, a full refund is in order for the fans
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    This offense

    I say let someone else run this offense and delegate Brian to washing the uniforms
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    Franklin calls out Hawk fans

    One media outlet reported Franklin critical of Iowa fans for booing his injured players My response to this pompas ass is I don't appreciate a program that condoned child molestation
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    Who needs offense

    At the end of the day, a win is a win. Texas and Arkansas score over 40 and lose. Lmao
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    Maryland takeaways

    Best thing reviewing Maryland game.....Tory Taylor was not our offensive MVP. Seeing improvement in run and pass protection. Will take 21-30 from QB any day. 5-13 third down efficiency needs to be 50%. 9 penalties can't happen. The defense........enough said.....Rock solid.
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    4-13 on third down and 57 yards rushing.... against Colorado St....not good going into B10 play....
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    Concerns moving forward

    4-13 on third down and 57 yards rushing.... against Colorado St....not good going into B10 play....
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    Fake Punt.....

    4th and 4....take a delay of game making 4th and 9.....then fake the punt......does this make any sense?
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    Send Fran game tape

    Someone burn a copy of Illinois-Loyola game and send to Fran. He could learn a thing or two
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    Nunge missed

    Another big to bang with Cockburn. With only Garza, with the way it was called, a tough task to overcome
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    The transformation

    Three positive things stood out for me the last two games. The defense has been great. The second is the guys are not launching shots 5 seconds into the shot clock. Lastly we have not given up multiple layups by not getting back.
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    Inbounds play

    With Connor not in game, Fran has JT and JBO threw the ball in under basket. Both resulted in turnovers. Why have ur smallest guy throw the ball in, mostly when u can't run the baseline.....