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    Senior Day. Is it really their last home game?

    No loss of eligibility this year Do they get to come back?
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    Fake injuries

    I was watching the Texas-LSU game and there were multiple instances of questionable "injuries" by LSU players. Not nearly as obvious as the Michigan St. fake injuries from years back versus Iowa, but it did make me think of a potential rule change I would like to see. That change would be that...
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    HBO Paterno

    Watched this last night on HBO. Al Pacino did a good job of portraying him. Can't believe Penn St. did not get much heavier sanctions. There was way more to it than I realized.
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    Fair catch on kickoff

    At the Maryland game, I was talking to the fans around me and asked why the Iowa front players didn't call for a fair catch. The Maryland kicker did not bounce the ball off the turf, so I believe both kicks could have been fair caught. Yet, I don't know if I have ever seen it. Anyone seen...
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    Derrick Willies

    I just checked the depth chart, and Willies is listed in the two deeps for the Indiana game. I did not see him play at all, and did not see him the week before. Love to see when Willies, Powell, and Smith are one the field at the same time.