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  1. vegashawki

    BF on Identity of Iowa Offense

    Any word from anyone with bowl practice access which QB has been getting majority of the reps with first team? Asking for a friend…
  2. vegashawki

    How Does Ferentz not fire Ferentz?

    Imagine Iowa football if they actually had an offense that complimented Phil Parkers defenses… there are years we could have been/could be legitimate national championship contenders.
  3. vegashawki

    How Does Ferentz not fire Ferentz?

    Brian to oline coach, bring in someone for OC. These years of great defenses with shit offenses is old
  4. vegashawki

    Fat Bert and the Boys vs Iowa: The Game Thread

    Catch. The. Ball
  5. vegashawki

    Is Goodson hurt?

    Maybe he’s motivated more because NFL scouts are in attendance today?
  6. vegashawki

    MSU vs OSU and other Big 10 games not Iowa's

    Hope Wisconsin wins out, Hawks would get slaughtered by OSU
  7. vegashawki

    Hawks David Bell WR

    Do you feel any WR currently on the Iowa roster are David Bell type talent? Do you think if Brian was to target say Keagan Johnson 10+ time during the course of a game he could put up godly numbers too? Do you think if he knew that was going to happen he’d find ways to get open? Just curious if...
  8. vegashawki

    Depth chart released

    This scenario really plays out well for all if you think about it. The majority of fans will get their wish of Padilla given a chance to be the starter against Minnesota due to Petras injury. On the flip side if he doesn’t play well then Kirk and Company can say told you so most likely after the...
  9. vegashawki

    Petras injury

    After watching post game player interviews it didn’t appear that they really knew Petras was that injured. Padilla seemed like it was a surprise he was called upon to go in the game. My question is we’re they kept in the dark about seriousness of Petras injury or is Capt Kirk covering up for...
  10. vegashawki

    Are you going to the game?

    La familia and I fly in tonight! My other brothers are flying in from Cali and Vegas with their families too. Tickets are expensive af but my 10 and 15 yr olds are going to get a game to remember for life. Section 108 Go Hawks!
  11. vegashawki

    NCAA Tourney Thread

    It is fun to watch a team that can play defense!
  12. vegashawki

    Ferentz has covid

    They need to keep Phil Parker in a bubble last thing we need his badass self getting sick, shit he could be acting HC for a bowl and we’d be screwed defensively without him! I’ve had the VID and had very mild symptoms. My wife and family on the other hand had some pretty rough days... wishing...
  13. vegashawki

    Desmond King Not Happy

    I remember back in the day when Trey Stross did the same thing about his playing time with the Texans, where is Trey Stross now?
  14. vegashawki

    Wadley's mom active on Facebook

    So the same white walkon that wins the starting job by outworking fellow white and black scholarship athletes and he eventually goes on to also play in the NFL. SO was he really “worse” than the other guys who he was competing against or did he possibly deserve a scholarship to begin with? Maybe?
  15. vegashawki

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

    Our internet was 40/10
  16. vegashawki

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

    Mine is 40 and does just fine
  17. vegashawki

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

    Yeah same. Directv raised my bill and wouldn’t budge so I told them to pound sand. My internet and YouTubetv costs less combined than Directv did by itself. It has all the tv channels I actually watched on Directv anyways plus has descent movies, win win in my opinion.
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    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

    Has a 7 day free trial period too.
  19. vegashawki

    OT: TV Streaming (Hulu)

    I don’t have Hulu, but recently cut the cord myself. After doing a lot of research I went with YouTubetv and am glad I did. $49 per month with no contract. I use a smart tv in family room and firestick in other rooms. Can use it on up to 3 TVs and has great live tv including BTN, ESPN, ESPN2...
  20. vegashawki

    Welch appreciation thread

    He is great and will miss him next year. Think we might have gotten another W in the win column with him on the field when he was hurt. Tough as nails and nose for the ball, another great game.