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  1. theboat

    Is this a Doyle issue?

    Only 8 games last year with limited preseason and slow start so only 6 good games, but didn’t have time to break down physically. 6 good games this year and then hit a wall. Is that a strength and conditioning issue?
  2. theboat

    Beathard article on espn

    Very sad story but a nice read.
  3. theboat

    Iowa 1-6 without Gary Dolphin.

    20-4 with him. He the real MVP
  4. theboat

    24% from the field.

    That is what the starters shot tonight. 10/41. It’s a miracle that the game was close. And 3 of those were Tyler Cook dunks. 18% without those..
  5. theboat

    Stevens was Pi$$ed after last night

  6. theboat


    just set the single season TE record for receiving yards if my math skills are correct. He’s good.
  7. theboat

    Iowa: 16 offensive rebounds. ISU: 16 total rebounds

    That’s just nuts. And Prohm is still whining... Edit. That was according to yahoo app. ESPN has isu rebounds at 24 and Iowa offensive boards at 17. Still nuts And Prohm is still bitching
  8. theboat

    I’ve been driving blind my whole life

    and didn’t even know it. So much glare in the world that I could be blocking.
  9. theboat

    Ferentz sticking it to Cowherd

    hes still bitter about the fake ID stuff so when Colin talked about how good Stanley was, Ferentz decided to stick it to him.
  10. theboat

    Probably the best opening game of Ferentz era

    i was as frustrated as anyone during the first half, but after the full 60 I’m not sure that could have gone better. Quality opponent that made Iowa work for everything. Put them in a lot of tough spots with short fields early that Iowa had to adapt and make plays. Defense held strong until...
  11. theboat

    Kirksey-Hard Knocks

    he is one of the focal points. Finally getting some love after years on the Browns. And he’s a pretty good drummer.
  12. theboat

    Noah Fant= freak It was late testing in the spring. Everyone tested their vertical jumps around the same time. The room was bustling and then one of the coaches said, “42.” For reference: Zach...
  13. theboat

    This sucks

    This season has soiled my love of Iowa basketball and I don't like it. The Lick years did that a little too, but this feels way worse because of Barta and the fact that he is so lost on actual results driven goals. Iowa basketball was the first sport that I got into as a kid and has always been...
  14. theboat

    Iowa's Tournament Chances

    Hope is still alive. Maybe this whole season has just been a long hustle to set up the tourney run. 0.17%
  15. theboat

    This is the time of year

    Where we all get to watch a few dozen teams that would run circles around this team and they only pay their coaches a few hundred thousand.
  16. theboat

    Public Poll on Fran's future!

    Some of the posts in the other poll made me want to see what happens if we break it down a little.
  17. theboat

    Things you’d rather do than watch this team play “basketball.”

    I just got done with the DVR. Thank goodness I only wasted about 15-20 minutes of skipping through the crap. Then I decided I’d rather watch my 600 pound life. Those fatties are more put together than this team.
  18. theboat

    Last Jedi

    since no OT board, I’m curious your thoughts. Finally saw it yesterday and I am wishing I didn’t, It was pointless and plotless and the more I think about it, the less I like it.
  19. theboat

    ASU coaching hire

    Brilliant move if you ask me. They bring in a guy like Herm Edwards. He may not be the best coach ever, but if he gets the right people around him then they could crush it. The kids he will be recruiting already watch him on a weekly, sometimes daily basis and I had to listen to what was...
  20. theboat

    OL looks like hot garbage

    I get that MSU is crowding the line, but it's ole blocking at its best. WTF?