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    Kadyn Procter Down to Iowa, Alabama

    I’ve never understood why Alabama never seems to get their linemen to the highest level when it comes to being NFL ready. They have all the best resources, facilities, and raw materials (players), but so often you hear that they lack in some fundamentals. They start with the top line recruits...
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    Does KF Owe Anything To The Fans?

    I’m a long time season ticket holder and I can relate to all that you say here. I love being in Kinnick on a sunny fall day. An Iowa win is always a bonus, but for me, I enjoy the experience win or lose.
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    How did the O Line get so bad?

    I wonder if Chris Doyle no longer being there has anything to do with the lack of development in our line. Iowa in years past was always known for their strength.
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    KF Regrets Last Week's Comments About Deuce Hogan

    I believe it was just after the Illinois game. Sort of alluded to the fact that Jones didn’t fit in very well when he arrived. Not a big deal, but I don’t remember him making those types of comments in the past.
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    KF Regrets Last Week's Comments About Deuce Hogan

    I’m normally a fan of Kirk Ferentz, but that was a stupid thing to say. All he had to say was the third and fourth quarterbacks were running the practices. I also thought he was a little disrespectful to Charley Jones. News flash! Jones has done a lot for this team.
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    O Line is a hot mess…

    When you continuously face eight in the box and your quarterback is a statue that locks on to one receiver and your opponent knows what you are about to run, it can be a bit difficult for your offensive line. I admit we have had better lines, but perhaps a more mobile quarterback and better play...
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    Passing game issues

    The fact that Petras is not a threat to run also adds to the fact that receivers have a tougher time getting open. Moss mentioned in the post game that he did get caught watching the Kent St. backfield (including their quarterback) a couple of times. Opposing defensive backs have no worries...
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    NCAA Tourney Thread

    Want Illinois to pull this out, but it really bugs me how the refs let Cockburn absolutely camp in the lane. Several times the count gets over 5 seconds on him.
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    Ohio State

    Who should take their place?
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    Senior Day. Is it really their last home game?

    The confusing thing to me is the number of scholarships If there is no increase in the total, I guess the seniors have to go. I haven't heard what is happening to the total scholarship numbers. Sounds like it is up to the individual schools if they want to temporarily fund additional...
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    Senior Day. Is it really their last home game?

    No loss of eligibility this year Do they get to come back?
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    Lee Corso??????????????????

    Hopefully they won't let it get as bad as it got with Dick Clark on New Years Eve!
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    Will the Iowa universities shut down?

    I have heard that a significant part of the spike is due to a very high number of positive tests on people who had covid, didn't know they had it and have since recovered. They are positive tests, but really should have been counted much earlier.
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    OT: Usernames

    Not too original. Retired from John Deere and graduated from Iowa in 1975.
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    Moving forward

    I noticed throughout the game that Iowa was breaking the huddle with only around 15 seconds left on the play clock. There was no time to audible. They came close several times to delay of game calls.
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    Fake injuries

    Saw it again last night in the Notre Dame/Georgia game. The announcers made the comment that an unsportsmanlike call could be made. I doubt that has ever been called. It's really annoying when a team is driving and the game stops for the fake injury.
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    Fake injuries

    I was watching the Texas-LSU game and there were multiple instances of questionable "injuries" by LSU players. Not nearly as obvious as the Michigan St. fake injuries from years back versus Iowa, but it did make me think of a potential rule change I would like to see. That change would be that...
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    Is Nebraska ... overrated?

    Bob Reade record at Augustana was 146-23-1. Prior to that he coached at Geneseo High School in Illinois. His record there was 146-21-4. Yes, he was a very good coach.