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    Trying to find the OSU game tomorrow on Dish

    HawkCentral says the game is on FOX. That isn't Fox News of course, and I don't see it on either FS1 or FS2, the usual place if games are on some Fox channels. Anyone know where to find the game? I may be stuck with a livestream on the Fox Sports app, not the same as BTN needless to say.
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    Barely 3 hours until tip off in CHA

    And not a single post about the outcome, any other news, etc. So here we go. I am glad there are enough fans in the time of Covid/Omricon to fill CHA. I predict the home court advantage and the wild and crazy crowd will ensure that the Hawks will win by 20, at least 10. Nice to have 2 games...
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    All Big Ten national championship Sat. night

    Iowa has dominated in wresting for decades, has done well on the football field, OK on the BB court, etc. But we suck at volleyball, although the BTN competition is very tough. If you want to see some spectacular athletes playing at the highest level, tune in to ESPN2 Sat. night at 7:30 to see...
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    Indiana game on TV?

    Seems like all too often games are hard to find. I have Dish and lots of Fox channels. The UI schedule says tomorrow's game is on Fox Sports. Dish says Sinclair has taken the channel off of Dish. But I still have FS1 and 2. Anyone know the rest of the story? Update, I called Dish, the game...
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    TV for Indiana game?

    Seems like all too often games are hard to find. I have Dish and lots of Fox channels. The UI schedule says tomorrow's game is on Fox Sports. Dish says Sinclair has taken the channel off of Dish. But I still have FS1 and 2. Anyone know the rest of the story?
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    MSU game tomorrow night?

    The official schedule shows this game at 6 on FS1, but upon checking, there is a different BT game on at that time. Anyone know what the deal is?
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    CBS Sports, ways to watch Gonzaga game

    My Dish doesn't have CBS Sports, anyone know any other way to watch? Not including the free online stuff that usually comes with a number of virus issues.
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    Hawk fan in India

    I just saw the score on the computer, am surprised that no one has commented yet. Sounds like our guys played a decent albeit sloppy game, and the W is what counts. Garza is a double double machine, also nice to see Bakari have a break out game. Keep it going as the real season is about to...
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    Hawks vs. Wichita St. on ESPN3 at 9 a. m. tomorrow

    I can understand some collective depression and disappointment, but we play a top 25 team with a great program tomorrow morning, and ESPN3 lists it at 9 a. m. CST. We need a win and I for one will be watching. Video quality on ESPN3 is not great, but I am able to plug my laptop into my big...
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    Dayton does matter from

    If you are bummed that we are in a play-in game, a stats geek, or just sick of the usual stuff here or on Hawk Central, check out this article from Nate Silver's new site. So far I like it a lot. FiveThirtyEight | Dayton Does Matter
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    radio streaming?

    I left the sport's bar due to bad weather, can't get this on WOC like years past, is it streaming anywhere on radio? No interest in frontrow, riddled with viruses and worse.
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    anyone have any links that will stream the game tonight? No TV where I am today

    thanks if anyone has this info.
  13. J feed for game

    I have the game on but can only watch it in a small window with obnoxious music playing quite loudly so you can't hear Mac's commentary. If you want to go to a full screen it wants you to download Mplayer or other things of that sort. Does anyone know if this is safe/legit, or full of viruses...
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    TV for tomorrow's W. Kentucky game

    HawkCentral lists CCS as the broadcaster, a southern regional sports network. BTN All Access has just audio, and the game is not listed on btn2go. Anyone know any place to watch the game? I guess firing up the Lear and heading to Cancun is the best option. Not.
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    Dish Network vs. BTN inside story?

    After weeks of getting conflicting stories on whether Dish would continue to offer BTN, I finally got an email from both today saying they had agreed on some sort of long term relationship, so since I already have Dish and all the gear, also I know how to use it already, I am going to stick...
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    BTN in HD vs. ESPN-U in SD

    I am on Dish Network and to give credit where credit is due, the quality of BTN's HD broadcasts is very high. Then when you watch the Hawks on ESPN-U in SD the quality is worse than what we used to get when they were on KGAN. I am depressed that the next 3 games in a row are all on the...
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    How old is Melsahn Basabe?

    Maybe 19 at best? Same for D. Marble. I will say with no embarrassment that at that age I was not ready for prime time in any area of life. The job of a college basketball coach is to take young kids and turn them into consistent, mature players like Jarryd Cole. This does not happen...
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    hassles with coupon and BTN paid live steaming

    I signed up with the coupon that was posted a few weeks ago and was able to watch the Chicago St. game just fine. Tonight I tried to watch, and although I was allowed to log in w/ username and password, when I clicked on the game it would just send me to a payment page. I thought I had paid a...
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    Aaron White's baseline drive/dunk

    The board seem to be pretty depressed/depressing since the game, so I thought I'd interject something on the positive side. The streaming feed just barely caught AW coming from the baseline and throwing down a nice two handed jam. Has anyone seen a clip that shows the entire play from another...
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    Similar win in Les Jepsen area over Purdue

    I don't what year it was, maybe late eighties, but the Hawks were 2-13, and upset Purdue/Keady at CHA. Does anyone remember what year this was? Keady was livid, but to his credit, he mostly laid into his team for losing to a hapless team. I am pretty sure it was during the time Les played for...