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    Step Away From The Ledge

    Browsing through the posts and wondering where all the optimism went? So what the Hawks missed out on a golden opportunity to win a game I highly doubt ANY OF US had penciled in for a W. Ya it sucks, but is there any doubt they left it all out there and feel way worse than any of us? Look at...
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    Weird Feeling Of Calmness

    Not sure why, but while disappointed, I am not all bent out of shape today. It's almost like a weight off the shoulders or something. Maybe because while it was an unbelievably fun start to the season, we all knew the Hawks were not the 2nd best team in the country and a loss was going to...
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    What Player Steps Up?

    Of the basic unknowns who is going to be the pleasant "surprise" next year and really make a difference on the team? I didn't include Perkins or Ullis because we saw enough of them to know they got the goods. For me I am pretty confident Murray 2 has got em as well so it won't be a surprise to...
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    There Are No Upsets

    I think Fran wasn't just blowing smoke when he said "there are no upsets" in the NCAA Tourney and "seeds mean nothing". It is proving true, again. College BB is a lot like the NBA by comparison of roster spots available versus the sheer volume of really, REALLY good players out there. And when...
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    Which player will improve the most by next season?

    I am thinking Joe Touisant is going to be doing his best to mimic Garza's off-season drive to improve his game and will return as perhaps the best point guard in the BT. He obviously isn't afraid of hard work and will take it to heart what he learned from being around Luka.
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    Why Luka Got Screwed!

    Ever wonder why EVERY YEAR(!) Notre Dame ALWAYS(!) is highly rated until proven to be a farce? Ask yourself what Dayton and ND have in common and you will have your answer to WHY LUKA GOT SCREWED by the AP voters.
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    Would you rather have had JBO been...

    ...playing this season or glad we have him for next season, PROVIDED EVERYONE RETURNS?(!) If he would have been healthy all year we may(?) have won the BT and been top 15 most of the season. More likely to get sweet 16. Still have the CJ and CP issues, as well as JW slump to factor in. And JT...
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    Penn State Tickets

    Anyone know what a guy might have to pay to scalp some decent seats next Sat? Haven't been down for several years and am out of touch. I always like to get the best available and not worry about the cost, but good seats for this one may be pricey? Thinking bout taking grandkids to a game but...
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    JBO On Bench

    Was surprised to see JBO on bench tonite. Wasn't he bedridden for weeks last time after surgery? This has to be a great sign his recovery may go quicker. Hopefully a full summer of workouts.
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    Guess I Watched A Different Game

    After reading other posts I must have. I saw a hell of a good game today in Philadelphia, did anyone else watch it? You should have seen it! The announcers and the BT crew were enjoying the piss out of it as well. The Hawks played a legit top 25 team and it was like 4 points either way the...
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    Fun Season Ahead!

    How quickly the outlook has changed! So many positives emerged from the last 2 games. In no particular order: 1. CJF is the real deal! Fearless and clutch. Going to step into JBO's shoes nicely. 2. JT is the point guard we have been craving! Tough as nails! We are going to love him and...
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    Since Iowa is a developmental program...

    WHY NOT DEVELOP Brian Ferentz into the next Head Coach as the path he has been following is pointing that direction? He has been progressing up the food chain under good mentors and looks to have great attributes to be the next HC. Is he ready now? NO, but each passing year he is getting more...
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    Wow! Hope to never hear anymore bashing on this guy. How do you sit in street clothes up to now, then rip em off and play to the level he played? The IOWA boys weren't about to let a bunch of out of staters get the best of em in this game. QUESTION is a redshirt still an option for Pensl...
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    Dallas Clark Flashback

    TJ lumbering down the sideline for a long TD looked very much like DC back in the day. He could be his clone the way he plays. Someone best get that boy some shades, he's got a bright future! Fun times, enjoy em!
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    Just checked the date HAWKS were on the cover - Feb 8. Next game was at Indiana... Now we know who to spew venom at rather than the HAWKS! :)
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    Hoping to see former mindset...

    starting TONITE! Not sure which game it was while the HAWKS were rolling, maybe Purdue at home, as the HAWKS were in the midst of a Uthoff barrage and other team called time out. As Uthoff is walking back to huddle Woody meets him and the look Uthoff had in his eyes said it all. "We are gonna...
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    Only Illinois EXPECTS to be in BIG10 Title Game

    ...from all the Teams in the West Division according to the various School's Official Schedules from the BIG10 Site as they are the only ones that have it listed. Three Teams from the East Division (OSU, MICH, PSU) have it listed on theirs. Interesting and gotta like little things like that as...
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    Has the "Curse" been lifted?

    I knew it'd been so long I couldn't remember the last time, but hearing that was the Hawk's first last second basket since '08 is nuts! I've grown accustomed to accepting the fact we don't make last second shots we just give them up but didn't realize it had been THAT LONG. We have had a ton...
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    Coach and/or Player Problem Solutions

    I have an idea. Since we have a common problem with MSU, MI, PURDUE, NE, and not sure what other BIG10 Team that has a team that isn't living up to expectations why don't we throw the Coaches names all in a hat and draw them out shuffling them around to different schools? Could do it with...
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    Pre-Game Body Language

    Just curious if anyone else noticed both Clemons and White YAWNING! during pre-game warm-ups against UNI. I am not into player or coach bashing but come on guys you are about to play a major college game in front of a lot of fans. The adrenaline must have really been pumping...