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  1. vegashawki

    Hawks David Bell WR

    Do you feel any WR currently on the Iowa roster are David Bell type talent? Do you think if Brian was to target say Keagan Johnson 10+ time during the course of a game he could put up godly numbers too? Do you think if he knew that was going to happen he’d find ways to get open? Just curious if...
  2. vegashawki

    Petras injury

    After watching post game player interviews it didn’t appear that they really knew Petras was that injured. Padilla seemed like it was a surprise he was called upon to go in the game. My question is we’re they kept in the dark about seriousness of Petras injury or is Capt Kirk covering up for...
  3. vegashawki

    Welch appreciation thread

    He is great and will miss him next year. Think we might have gotten another W in the win column with him on the field when he was hurt. Tough as nails and nose for the ball, another great game.
  4. vegashawki

    Our O-line was exposed

    Penn State is going to eat Nate for dinner, next week is going to be hard to watch.
  5. vegashawki

    Player “bling”

    I think I’m just getting old but damn.... the Miami Hurricanes future inmate neck chain and now the Penn State player with the “lawnboy” chain they get when they make a play are trashy and nauseating. That’s all, old man rant over.
  6. vegashawki

    Corso on college game day

    needs to ride off into the sunset... he’s almost impossible to watch
  7. vegashawki

    IKM vs ISU

    After rewatching the game and looking at pictures it is easy to forget that IKM really had a great game. He has kind of gotten passed by with all our running backs, but his conversion on third down where we scored was all him and his vision great. Was great to see him play well.
  8. vegashawki

    Great pictures from the game Love the picture of Kirk holding up five!
  9. vegashawki

    Oliver Martin’s take on the two programs

    I would love to get Oliver Martin’s honest take on how Iowa and Michigan compare with the levels of talent, speed and work ethic between the two programs. He would know Mich’s other WR moves, DB’s weaknesses etc... Obviously it would never happen but it would be awesome to pick his brain.
  10. vegashawki

    The recruiting game

    So it appears Eno is taking another of his Texas recruits with him. Rob mentioned someone else could decommit as early as last evening. After reading between the lines Holmes, Beau and Eno had a "threesome" last night over the phone so my guess is Holmes is gone too. So here is my feelings on...
  11. vegashawki

    Jewel Hampton Thursday Will be playing Thursday against Ravens. He has a lot of talented RB's in the stable to compete against to earn a spot on the team.... will be interesting to see if he is good enough to earn a spot.
  12. vegashawki

    Where did these guys go?!

    Iowa Basketball 2013-14 "Who Gon Stop Us" - YouTube Dunking all over the place and having fun!! Sucks to see how far they have fallen.... I don't think they will bounce back (just my fat gut feeling..) but damn they were fun watching at the beginning of the year! And the song playing in the...
  13. vegashawki

    The players demeanor after NW game - Video: Hawks try to explain defeat I know the interviews were after the loss to NW, but I hate to say it even if we get selected for the dance tonight... I think this season is over. The players don't seem to believe their own words about getting things turned around and...
  14. vegashawki

    All the negative nancies..

    If the downward spiral continues stay positive.. We could always be a 1 or 2 seed in the NIT! When you're given lemons make lemonade ladies and gents. Go Hawks!
  15. vegashawki

    Thank you Stoops

    Bob Stoops of Oklahoma Sooners continues criticism of SEC - ESPN For saying what everyone outside of the SEC has been saying for years. He said it on the big stage and its getting some attention, love it!
  16. vegashawki

    Aaron White talks about internet trash talk

    and how he uses that as motivation to get better and prove people wrong. If that is the case.... you shoot and dunk like a 1940's school girl that should have never left the kitchen where you rightfully belong. You're selfish with the ball and run the court like a snail. Go Hawks...
  17. vegashawki

    Jimbo Fisher interview during ESPN bowl selection special

    I will now root for FSU to win NC game. That man is extremely confident, up until now I always shaved my head due to my hair loss which in turn led to a lack of confidence. If that man can sport his hair like that on National Television... so can I on a lesser scale. Go FSU!
  18. vegashawki

    Honest SEC speed question

    Why is it they are so much faster in SEC? Do they do different speed drills in their football camps, run with longer strides, or perhaps just believe they are faster so therefore they are? And recruits that come to the B1G from SEC country at which point on the map do they lose their SEC speed...
  19. vegashawki

    FSU Winston what does everyone think...

    State Attorney wraps up investigation into Jameis Winston case - ESPN What do you think we will hear today is he going to get charged?
  20. vegashawki

    This season feels so good... after last year

    I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point (unlike olddude). I am very impressed with this years turn around and the hard work that had to have been put in on the offseason by these young men. Seniors have been very impressive..... special shout out to Morris who has taken a lot of...