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  1. tweeterhawk

    B1G officiating

    Not saying this is why Iowa lost. Plenty of other reasons — poor shooting, periods of slack defense. But man this is just a brutal no call.
  2. tweeterhawk

    Sparty’s priorities

    No in-person learning but, damn, let’s pack ‘em cheek to jowl to scream for Izzo’s boys.
  3. tweeterhawk

    Michigan - Michigan State hoops postponed COVID

    Michigan could not field enough players.
  4. tweeterhawk

    Good QBs galore in portal

    Iowa not mentioned as a landing spot for any of them. I’m betting Kirk doesn’t even take a sniff.
  5. tweeterhawk

    How are you faring in this December storm?

    Would like to hear about damage, outages, injuries. Seeing reports of tornados near Atlantic, Ogden, Fort Dodge, Mason City. Continuing and increasingly high winds after the front went through. Lots of trees and power lines down, 142,000+ without power. Hope everyone is staying safe!
  6. tweeterhawk

    Auburn put on 4-year probation; Bruce Pearl suspended 2 games

    There are many on here (myself included) who wanted Pearl to be hired at Iowa. Perhaps we dodged a bullet.
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    Yes, Iowa won, but…

    … anyone else just a wee bit concerned that special teams and defense are turning out to be Iowa’s offense? Of the 33 points the Hokks put up yesterday, 26 came from 4 field goals, a 100-yard kickoff return and a pick 6. Only 7 points were the result of a true offensive play. There’ve been...
  8. tweeterhawk

    Purdue - Sparty

    I hate that we lost to the Boilers but damn it’s fun watching their offense. Strategy, skill players, a coach not afraid to take a risk, execution. Once upon a time (Fry/Long/Harmon) Iowa had a high-powered offense. We may never see those days again.
  9. tweeterhawk

    In any other P5 program…

    … an offense this shit would have resulted in a wholesale change in the offensive coaching staff. But not at Iowa … No one should ever have allowed this nepotism. BF should never, ever, get the reins. Kirk needs to be retired soon.
  10. tweeterhawk

    Signed my first NIL waiver today

    For an event ESPN will be televising in June. That is all.
  11. tweeterhawk

    State of Iowa gets no preseason love from Dickie V’s top 40

    Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa get combined in Dick Vitale’s Top 40 preseason rankings. Could be a long, cold Iowa winter.
  12. tweeterhawk

    Let Kirk retire, hire Ed Orgeron

    Let Kirk finish the season, go to some non NYD bowl game, retire and then hire someone who knows how to win national championships. Let Orgeron clean house of the incompetent, nepotistic OC hire, the staid DC and the rest of Kirk’s stuck-in-the 80s staff...
  13. tweeterhawk

    SEC fines Texas A&M $100k for crowd storming field

    Hope B1G doesn't get ideas.
  14. tweeterhawk

    Who'll ask Kirk about fake injuries or Franklin's criticism of Iowa fans or coaches?

    The presser is tomorrow (Tuesday.) Will any of Iowa's vaunted sports scribes ask Kirk about Penn State Nittany Lie-ins suffering opportune injuries after big Iowa plays, about their unctuous coach calling out Iowa fans for booing or LeVar Woods falling down along the sideline mocking the tactic?
  15. tweeterhawk

    Beyond the NCAA?

    While there has been moderate HN interest about the scuzzy state of affairs of University of Arizona basketball, this story on an amended Notice of Allegations sheds light on new investigative units and procedures outside of the NCAA that I find interesting. It begs the question of what role the...
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    Let Franklin call out these Iowa fans

    Cool story.
  17. tweeterhawk

    Hawks up to No. 3: AP
  18. tweeterhawk

    How’d I miss this?

    During the 2020 Big 12 championship Matty Gumball showed himself an even bigger tool than previously recognized.
  19. tweeterhawk

    Merged - Big 12 Aftermath Thread

    Reports that Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to SEC and an announcement may come in a couple weeks. If they bolt, does Bowlsby survive?
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    So my wife was using her iPhone to research more online tonight about a ceramic swan she found at an antique store today and lo and behold what’s popping up all over in my HN feed now? Apparently the algorithm is not just device-based but is for our home’s WiFi network. Fuuuuuu….