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    How Does Ferentz not fire Ferentz?

    Fun little program but will never ever take it to the next level. Ferentz has one major bowl victory in 20 plus years at Iowa..... The Orange Bowl. That's it. No outright Big Ten titles....0. Lot's of choke jobs...
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    I like these. Where did image come from? Other images?
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    Don't mind them. Tired of our current unis with the stupid arrows down the sides.
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    Legislation to Play UNI

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    Carver Hawkeye Arena

    Do the following: 1. Enclose some of the upper concourse with Suites. This will help keep the sound in and make money at the same time. 2. Install a digital ribbon beneath suites going around entire arena. 3. Need hi tech center scoreboard. Do something unique with this that is different...