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    Who stays and who goes

    I wonder how many more hit the portal or if folks hit the NFL path? Any opinions. Our biggest loss last year may have been when Mark K decided to step away. Hopefully our young linemen put in some weight and gained from the experience. i Hope Campbell sticks around but not sure he will...
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    2 things from yesterday

    how about Matt Hankins. Huge tackle on 4th down followed by a huge pick. solid play and leadership also the 70-80 recruits had to love it. Hoping to see some decisions swing our way for 22 and 23. This was a great showing by the team and fan base
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    Injury at tackle

    Did our Rt Mark K get hurt? Do we know if it’s serious ?
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    If b Smith is out

    who steps up? Not sure Oliver is as physical. Maybe the Hutson kid from kc gets some plays too.
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    O line. Wth

    i don’t recall for many years seeing our guards and center get worked over like the did last two weeks. Thought o line would be a strength this year. Sadly it is a glaring weakness. Since Nate isn’t mobile we’re really screwed. The dt that caused all the issues is a nice player but no...
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    Looked like he got rolled up on. Anyone hear any injury update. Need him next week
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    Fant and B Smith

    sure missed them. Was Smith hurt ? Comments about wanting to play by render and others. Fant pulling himself thinking about nfl? What the hell gives.
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    5 critical areas to improve

    we had opportunities and again blew it but some themes I saw yesterday are concerning 1. Obvious QB work. Can’t get deer in head lights. I don’t put the last interception completely on Nate. Fant is supposed to run that safety off. 2. Our o line is not good at all against the blitz. Too...
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    Hawkeye huddle in Minnesota

    going to the game in Minny with a bunch of buddies. Anyone have info on a huddle or any other hawkeye activities or hot spots? Go hawks
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    Question about o line

    why are we getting so much pressure up the middle? Missed assignments or just poor blocking? I’m concerned if uni gets to Nate whisky might give us fits
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    Punter search

    i hope we’re chasing a grad transfer or full scholarship recruit. A good punter is essential to our style of play. Might be just as important as lb heading into next year
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    early signing hurt or help hawks

    as I see it the early signing might help us get some guys tied up early but given the swing of Ben to mich and the rush on our lb recruits by whisky and others maybe we just won't get hosed and can work option b plans until feb 9. What opinions do you guys have. I'd guess for teams in big bowl...
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    Catch the damn punts

    in previous games and yesterday we didn't field multiple punts and we lost serious field position. Why don't we catch the damn ball. Seems elementary but we seem to make that mistake. Ultra conservative coaching again?
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    Lipstick on the pig......maybe

    listen no loss is a good loss but this team played with heart and didn't quit. I'll take the effort and bet if we play that way we win more games. Maybe even get another shot at those guys in BIG champ game. This is one of few losses I've left with some real positives. Now don't let up. Beat...
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    Hawkeye huddle this week

    anyone know if there is a huddle Friday night anywhere this week and time and location? Thanks. Go Hawks
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    Game times for fb

    we know about any night games yet? Can someone please share known game times and expected night games please. Night games at kinnick are the best
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    Need some help watching games from Tennessee

    relocating due to work and can't get satellite right away. What is the best way to watch games via internet. Can you link to a "smart tv" somehow ? Any advice appreciated.
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    New coaches bring less complacency?

    this new group of young coaches might just be what our team needs. I'm not a Kirk hater but it does seem he and the staff got "comfortable " and only seemed to produce when that comfort was disrupted by the fan base the last several years. With Brian and the other young coaches looking to...
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    N fant to WR?

    we seem deep at TE and really weak at WR. Given n fant has size and decent speed why don't we kick him outside and create some size mis matches? Any thoughts?
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    Do we need a grad transfer wr

    I'd think we'd be on the hunt for a good transfer. Rob any news on this ?