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  1. MikeyLikesIowa

    Iowa to play Kentucky in Vrbo Citrus Bowl

    The title says it all. I think this will be a good matchup for us. I'm just happy we're not going to another Outback Bowl.
  2. MikeyLikesIowa

    Could this be KF's last shot at a Big Ten title?

    This thought has to be in the back of KF's mind. Whatever our absolute best shot is, I think we're going to see it next Saturday night against Michigan. We all know KF's not going to be here forever. No one knows exactly how much longer, but a head coach change within the next 5 years seems...
  3. MikeyLikesIowa

    WUWs highlight surprising facts regarding current O-line

    I was watching Washed Up Walkons episode 260 on YouTube with LeShun Daniels Jr this morning. They drop a surprising correlation between the current O-line and recent recruiting classes/scholarships from the last few years. The interesting part starts at about the 30:25 mark. TLDR: Iowa's...
  4. MikeyLikesIowa

    Vent thread...Post your frustration here.

    I don't even know where to start. Petras still hasn't figured out how to escape a sack. Goodson dances around too much because our O-line is shit aside from Linderbaum. Brian Ferentz called a terrible game yet again. Our defense was exposed today too. The middle of the field was wide open all...
  5. MikeyLikesIowa

    Name That Play...Petras to Regaini

    Nico Ragaini's TD catch to regain the lead against PSU is another play that will be remembered for years to come. I've been trying to think of a name for it (e.g. The Catch, Seven Got Six, etc.). The best I can come up with is "The Nico Nab" or "Six at 6:26." Gary Dolphin's call on the play...
  6. MikeyLikesIowa

    Forum formatting button labels missing

    When posting in the forum, I can't see the formatting buttons in the text box. I'm having the same issue on both my phone (Android, Brave Browser) and laptop (Windows 10, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox). Just for clarity, the buttons are there and functional, but I can't see the labels on the...
  7. MikeyLikesIowa

    Are you going to the game?

    Just wondering who's going to the PSU game and what your plans are. I'll be going with my wife & tailgating with some relatives near where the Shot Ski trailer is. We plan on being there around 9:30-10ish. We'll be sitting in section 211, row 36 wearing black at the game.
  8. MikeyLikesIowa

    Movin' On Up to #3

    Iowa is ranked #3 in the latest USA Today Coaches poll. PSU is right behind at #4. It's been a while since four B10 teams were in the top 10. MSU is sitting at #11 too.
  9. MikeyLikesIowa

    No More Hawkeye Express - how to get to the game?

    I got tickets for my wife and I to go the Penn State game. I'm now wondering what's the best strategy for parking and getting to Kinnick. In past games we've been spoiled. We always parked in Coralville and rode the Hawkeye Express to Kinnick. Any feedback/advise is appreciated.
  10. MikeyLikesIowa

    Doyle hired by Jacksonville Jaguars

    It looks like Urban Meyer has selected Chris Doyle to be their Director of Sports Performance in Jacksonville. As a Jacksonville fan myself, I'm excited to see...
  11. MikeyLikesIowa

    ISM declares for NFL draft

    Good for him. Like any Hawkeye in his situation, I wish nothing but the best and hope he succeeds. I'm somewhat surprised he opted out of the bowl game. I can only assume his injury played at least somewhat of a factor in that decision. He brought a lot of excitement to the program and will be...
  12. MikeyLikesIowa

    Bob Diaco out at Purdue

    Bob Diaco is looking for a new job again. He can't seem to hold a position. Purdue is the fourth school he's been at in four years.
  13. MikeyLikesIowa

    Jonny came home

    Jon D Miller is in the latest podcast with Andrew Downs. He says he has a little more left in the tank than he thought. Welcome back, Jon!
  14. MikeyLikesIowa

    Wadley's mom active on Facebook

    Has the media or anyone else been following what Akrum Wadley's mom has been up to? She's on a mission to expose the "Racial Despairities at University of Iowa." If this is the first you've heard of it, I highly recommend you take a look at some of the recent posts on her Facebook page. Here's...
  15. MikeyLikesIowa

    Washed Up Walkons Ep. 89: Nate Stanley

    Do whatever it takes to listen to it. You will not be disappointed. It might be the best one yet. Although, episode 88 with the Paulsen twins is pretty good too.
  16. MikeyLikesIowa

    Biased replay official?

    In the 12/2/2019 All Hawkeyes podcast, (link here - start listening at about the 52m 55s mark), Don Patterson had some interesting insight regarding the replay official for the Nebraska and Michigan games this year. Don said the same guy used to be a Big Ten official that Don recalled Hayden Fry...
  17. MikeyLikesIowa

    Washed Up Walkons Podcast 68

    Drake, Kevin, and Tyler have Nebraska alumn & NFL OL Jeremiah Sirles on. Finally, a Nebraska fan that is realistic. It's almost an hour long, but a good listen if you have the time.
  18. MikeyLikesIowa

    OT: ESPN'S CFB 150 "The American Game" series

    I didn't know about these shows until I watched a couple today & came away very impressed. I highly recommend watching these if you get a chance. The article I linked below outlines more details about them...
  19. MikeyLikesIowa

    BTN Football Coaches Weekly Teleconferences...Discontinued?

    Has the BTN stopped doing these? I'm convinced the answer is yes because I can't find them anywhere on the BTN's website (which is in dire need of a makeover). A Google search also yields nothing for the current football season. I was probably one of the five people that listened to them anyways.
  20. MikeyLikesIowa site down

    I usually download their podcasts so I can listen to them at work. The last day or so their website has been down. I would hope they are aware of this by now.