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  1. Ben Rumson

    Even Wikipedia knows

    This is no crap, google it.
  2. Ben Rumson

    Just got this one

    Love it!
  3. Ben Rumson

    Well we're waiting

    Who's starting it?
  4. Ben Rumson

    Cool thing happened

    Didn't physically watch game today but listened on the radio. We went to Minny and Mall of America. I seen this guy walking my way and I knew who he was but comes up to me and says Go Hawks! Smiles and gets on escalator. It was nice seeing you Mr. Greenway! You look like you could still play!
  5. Ben Rumson


    Doesn't make it any easier for o-line to preform when every big D knows exactly what we're running. Been that way for years. You would swear the opposing D is in our huddle with how we telegraph every play!
  6. Ben Rumson

    Kirk talks sandwiches

    Apperantley our guys were eating during the weather delay. Not so good of a sound byte from KF though. "I don't know where they stopped exactly -- I didn't get one of [the sandwiches]," Ferentz said, "but I did see somebody with like a 12-incher or 14-incher
  7. Ben Rumson

    A new Hawk fan was Born!

    Fellow Hawk's, it has been a very busy off season with rotator cuff surgery and all but on a high note my first grandchild was born in July and thus a new Hawk fan thrust into her first season. While grandma friends and relatives were giving her traditional cute girl baby clothes grandpa here...
  8. Ben Rumson

    Joke Coach, joke team and joke program!

    Because of joke A.D. but the loyalist and those that relish in mediocrity can continue to slap their knee and just say awh shucks fellows, we'll get them next year. Thanks to barta you get that wish no matter which sport.
  9. Ben Rumson

    WTF am I missing here ESPN???

    Just read this article and I'm f**king confused. Biggest concern for each Top 25 team. It's definitely post bowl game and talking about 2019. Ironically ia state is listed #20 and f**king Nebraska #24!!! Could of sworn Hawks were ranked in the yr end poll ! Pretty sure our NFL departures should...
  10. Ben Rumson

    Miss Mudd fans

    Let's get it started!
  11. Ben Rumson

    Happy Veterans day to my fellow Hawk fans !

    To all of you that have served thank you! Be Proud and feel proud! Thanks to those who have supported us! To those that sacrificed and know someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice Remember them as they are my heroes! To my combat brothers, Stout, Carne's, Diaz, Puyeo, Glass,Shardien,Graves and...
  12. Ben Rumson

    No where else

    No where in any business model can you be given all of the tools, facilities, and money to preform or produce gainful results and returns on the investments and fail but keep your job but right here as coach and ad of Iowa football! The reason it's happening here in IA city as Gary is totally...
  13. Ben Rumson

    Work or attendance points

    Crap Hawk fans!!! Mandatory overtime now. I work four ten hour days normally 6-4:30 Mon - Thurs. Overtime on Fridays 6-3:30 well guess fricken what now 6-2:30 Saturday kicking in. Do I call in and get hit with attendance points which I've never had any or miss seeing the game Sat.....?
  14. Ben Rumson

    What excuse will it be this week

    Will the pundnutz keep us out of the top 25 this week?
  15. Ben Rumson

    Hate having to cheer for blue....but I Definitely am tonight!

    Go Blue! Your my boy!
  16. Ben Rumson

    Hawkeye fan in Athens

    My wife and I are in Athens Ga today. We come down a couple times a year and decided to celebrate our 29th by taking in a Ga Bulldog game and then on to the Grand Old Opery. This game is a night game and their home coming. So far it has been boring as hell. Shit us Hawk fans at this point would...
  17. Ben Rumson

    No confidence

    Iowa born and raised. Die hard Hawk and Mn Viking fan. So why after rooting for these two teams for the better part of my life do I LACK CONFIDENCE in these teams when they play? The Ohio state win this season I never predicted nor expected but then led me to a false sense of security in...
  18. Ben Rumson

    Nebraska's ex AD was right!

    Now if only our AD and boosters would evaluate where Iowa is and make a change!
  19. Ben Rumson

    Ok so we are the 7 and 5 version

    We all know now there is 3 more out there. Very disappointed in the o line in run blocking and every d-fense knows where we're running too. Don't know why receiver's are left that open. Give defense credit again but MS in not a juggerknot!
  20. Ben Rumson

    And clowns are blaming officiating

    The more things change the more they stay the same with the average clown fan.....they lost because of two supposedly non calls......F***in really clown town?????