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    Barta and his big mouth..

    I remember watching an interview with Barta on ESPN a few years back, when he gave some comments on the playoff selection committee and how they were approaching the process. I was with a group of friends that included a Gopher, a Badger, and a Northwestern alum. I swear Barta said...
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    Dolph needs to retire

    "Touchdown Iowa! Touchdown Iowa" Tyler Goodson bounced it outside, up the sideline, and into the endzone!" "Wait. Check that folks. They're saying he stepped out at the 8 yard line. It will be 1st and Goal for the Hawks".
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    Ken O'Keefe Stepping Down as Iowa QB Coach

    It seems like people really connected with KOK and almost always had positive things to say about him. But I do wonder how good he was at his job. Our QB play has been so average/mediocre and the quarterbacks just don't seem to develop that well. I remember an interview with Nate Stanley a few...
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    4-Star RB Treyaun Webb Talks New Iowa Football Offer

    Incredible looking prospect. Feels like a slim chance with this one
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    Good QBs galore in portal

    We disagree on the definition of talent. For me, talent = potential. That's the potential that Iowa, Georgia, Baylor, Okie St, etc. all saw in him when they offered him in HS. I'm certainly not saying he had the goods ready to contribute at Iowa. According to Kirk, he wasn't
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    Hunter Nourzad Looking Forward to Iowa Visit

    These high-level Ivy League guys are no joke. Would be an amazing pickup, would instantly make us a better team
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    4-Star TE Mac Markway Looking Forward to Iowa Football Visit

    Junior in HS?? This dude looks ready to play in the big10 right now LOL my goodness
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    Tyler Linderbaum Headed to NFL

    What a legend. One of my favorite hawkeyes of all time. Watching the Hawks on TV these past couple seasons, I've spent a lot of time focused in on #65 and not really following the ball. He was a spectacular college player and I wish him the best in the NFL.
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    Good QBs galore in portal

    Our QB talent is slightly below where it needs to be. *Slightly, not dramatically lower. At his best, Petras can be a good player. And we saw some really good flashes from Padilla, you can tell he's a gamer. And we've heard good things about deeper backups, excited for Labas and we all knew...
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    What is your take on Georgia's tackling skills and technique?

    LOL. You honestly watched Georgia play last night and your takeaway impression is that they're not a good tackling team? I must have been watching a different defense...
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    Carver is a wonderful place, but basketball teams could use a new place to play home games.

    Agreed that this is a fun conversation. But a few things that come to mind. 1) CHA has to stay, for a number of reasons. I don't think the wrestling program alone could sustain CHA... but I don't know this and I could be wrong. I just don't think wrastling has the revenue to keep the arena...
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    WUWs highlight surprising facts regarding current O-line

    I agree. I think the key there is that it would be difficult for Iowa to simply plug in a mobile quarterback and let it loose. We would need the whole quarterback group (or at least some depth) to support this structure. But I don't fully agree with the idea of being able to depend on a guy...
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    WUWs highlight surprising facts regarding current O-line

    I agree with a lot of what's being said, regarding the true "talent" / ability of our O Line in recent years. And I think there's a lot of truth that there's a lack of alignment between the perception that we develop GREAT o-linemen (based on our "style" and under Kirk) and the actual results of...
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    This ain't all Petras

    I agree with the general statement that he needs to learn more... but this is the exact kind of comment I was referring to when saying that some Iowa fans speak honestly about him being the next HC. Can we please just step back from this idea of BF as our next head coach?? He's currently our...
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    This ain't all Petras

    1) For some unclear reason, I actually think our offense is going to figure some things out (...even as our schedule gets harder and we face better defenses in the Big10). I think we have a lot of great pieces offensively and we're just not putting it together. Albeit a few upperclassmen and...
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    Are we as physical

    After reading the Subject Line of this thread, I thought you were going to ask, "are we as physical as our fanbase thinks?" And I was going to say - Yes. And I'm thinking back to the end of last season and our 5 game win streak... and how bummed I was when the Michigan and Missouri games were...
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    Austin Ash

    A reason why a really good recruit would come to Iowa? Ok, let's take a crack: Because they want to: - Play in a premier conference (and compete against strong competition) - Have a chance to play in the NCAA tournament - Set themselves up with the opportunity to play professional basketball...
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    Austin Ash

    They are not same/same. This is absolutely ridiculous. Nebraska Football thinking they should win because "they are Nebraska Football" is not the same as Iowa thinking we should have D1 caliber players because they are a D1 program.
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    So are Spokane and Waco easier to recruit to than Iowa City???

    This notion of "cheating" is difficult. It's vaguely defined, the NCAA actually has some ridiculous rules, and it seems that forms of rule-breaking are so rampant that we have to ask, "is it cheating, after all?". As college sports fans, I think that so much of the recruitment-cheating we hear...
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    We are who we thought we are.

    Fair play to anyone and everyone who finds the silver lining in this loss to Gonzaga. We showed that we can score at a high level against a good defense... even with mediocre efficiency and shooting %. It's very impressive. But that's completely beside the point. This team doesn't defend well...