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  1. eyekwah

    Howe: Ranking Iowa's '21 Games, Easiest to Hardest

    The Iowa State game intrigues me the most. They have a lot of experience, but I'm thinking their defense may not be a juggernaut. They had 3 decisive wins in 2020, Kansas, Kansas State, and West Virginia. They gave up 28 points in those three games. KSU was really hit by covid at the time. The...
  2. eyekwah

    Merged - Big 12 Aftermath Thread

    It is Sunday AM and those interested in this topic either write about who the Big Ten should add or should ISU be admitted to the Big Ten. A lot has to happen before either of those get an answer. It is not a forgone conclusion that both Oklahoma and Texas will become members of the SEC. If...
  3. eyekwah

    So are Spokane and Waco easier to recruit to than Iowa City???

    To answer the topic question of " Is Waco easier to recruit to than IC?". I would say YES. It sits near Dallas Forth Worth to the North, Houston to the East, and Austin to the South and the climate is much milder than IC. It's a private school in the Big XII and conference academic requirements...
  4. eyekwah

    HN TV: Kirk Ferentz Pre-Spring Practice Press Conference

    You obviously have never been on the end of a reference check by a company. I have many times. Those calls are fact based. i.e. Are the dates of employment correct? As a receiver of reference check calls you are trained to answer the questions asked if fact based. Personal opinions about a...
  5. eyekwah

    Was Oregon really that athletic?

    Against Oregon, Iowa could have really benefited from Nunge being able to play. Garza and Nunge on the floor at the same time could have made the rebounding better, but he wasn't available. In hindsight the bye that Oregon had really was an advantage. Knowing who you were going to play...
  6. eyekwah

    A Big Thanks to the Iowa Basketball Team

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in to get this far under very unusual circumstances. Your efforts are deeply appreciated on my part and many fans' part. While the season ended before you and your fans wanted it was still the best season in the last fifteen. A third place finish in the...
  7. eyekwah

    OSU baby!! OT

    Young being out was bad news but OSU played no defense. OSU could have driven to the basket a lot more than they did. ORU dared OSU to beat them from outside and OSU obliged. Washington was a disaster. He tried to do too much. OSU couldn't make free throws. Holtman's decision not to press...
  8. eyekwah

    Recruiting Question

    I would agree that recruiting Chicagoland is a tough task because so many programs recruit there. I think about some of the best Illini teams from the past and some of the best player are from Peoria and downstate. Champaign isn't a big magnet. Juwan Howard would be a good example of a Chicago...
  9. eyekwah

    Amazing Analysis Of Husker Coaching Results

    Analyzing past achievements in college football can be a tricky. It is made up of several era, different sets of rules as far as scholarship limits and limiting substitutions. I believe this fascination with reviewing Nebraska past success as a future predictor of Big Ten success is the central...
  10. eyekwah

    Iowa Extends Contract of Fran McCaffery

    I have no problem with Fran getting an extension. In his tenure his winning percentage is .58%. In the context of the B1G he is at .500. In the last 10 seasons Iowa has had 1 sub .500 season. He took on major problems created by the two previous coaches. He has had only 2 losing seasons in his...
  11. eyekwah

    Thoughts on the game tomorrow

    Iowa must shoot better to beat Illinois. Illinois was 5 for 17 from 3 on Friday, 29.4% and Iowa was 10% from three. For the game Iowa shot 45%. and Illinois was over 50% against Rutgers. In looking at the stats for all the games on Friday the evening games had the lowest percentage of three...
  12. eyekwah

    Where can I get Iowa Basketball jerseys?

    Do not try at this time. I tried to get one for a Christmas gift and my card payment was compromised and fortunately locked to prevent further charges. The culprits were a bunch of Chinese Bandits with a phony website with NCAA Logos .
  13. eyekwah

    B1G Tourney (Un)Official Games Thread for 3/10 - The Last Stands?

    My thought is how injuries will affect the tournament for Iowa and Michigan, and the brutality Michigan State will inflict on their opponents. The Illinois guard Ayo D was fortunate that it didn't happen later and wasn't worse. With Weiskamp doubtful for the Big 10 tourney and Nunge out that...
  14. eyekwah

    Success Regular Season Despite Lack of Championship

    In terms of team accomplishments reaching the double bye for the first time in 11 years is an achievement considering the level of competition this season. Winning 7 of the last 8 games stands out from previous seasons. Injuries to Fredericks and Nunge dampened prospects. Iowa ended up 15...
  15. eyekwah

    Success Regular Season Despite Lack of Championship

    Add Illinois. Two of those three were away games.
  16. eyekwah

    We're gouda crumble the cheeseheads and give the nutbuster Davison a game to remember Game Thread...

    The officiating in today's game is not the reason Iowa won and Wisconsin loss. It was a physical game that at times looked like a wrestling match. Whether Wisconsin initiated it can be debated but it was pretty obvious Gard knew Wisconsin needed to be more physical after the game in Madison...
  17. eyekwah

    Motivations Wisconsin vs Iowa 3-7-21

    Today's game is somewhat anti-climatic to the end of the season. Both teams know where they stand going into the B1G Tourney and NCAA seating. I do think Iowa should be more motivated than Wisconsin. A strong finish by Iowa would draw a better seed in the NCAA tourney and keep the 3 seed from...
  18. eyekwah

    Congrats to ISU

    I do not track ISU too closely but this season was an absolute dumpster fire. What few times I watched ISU I would describe as the gang that couldn't shoot straight. The Prohm system didn't fit the players. I'm not sure the players fit any system. They were competitive in some games but as a...
  19. eyekwah

    Tie breaker?

    The goal is to be a 3 or 4 seed, right? Then what would be in the best interest of Hawkeye fans? Indiana somehow beats Purdue and Illinois beats Ohio State. A Purdue loss would insure a 4th place seating. The same is true for Ohio State, a loss defaults Iowa into a 4 seed regardless of the...
  20. eyekwah

    Is the goal post moving again for NCAA tourney expectations?

    For me the Jacksonville loss.