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    This offense

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    Who else isn't sold on Petras still?

    This year, this is not saying as much as some other years. Iowa has the 3rd best QB in the B1G. Behind OSU and Maryland. The next best is Morgan or Martinez. There is a dearth of qb play in the BIG Ten this year.
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    !*****Official Kick The Kitty Cats Game Thread*****!

    Helmets!? Some of these plays pre-date the snap count.
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    Scary Thought: Next Year's Team Will Be Significantly WORSE butter. How is it that we are reloading with a walk on? Of everything that Ferentz does, that this is necessary because he can't recruit his strength better than anyone else out there, is absolutely inexcusable. 6 more years of this will do more damage than the 70s ever did to the Hawks.
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    Kirk's idiocy is the gift that keeps on giving

    ...after being given the TO Kirk and staff were too busy fighting worn the refs to bring the team over and talk over the play to come. The inexcusable thing about the first half clock management is that there was absolutely 0 sense of urgency from the offense until things looked like they were...