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    Badgers, Badgers, Mushroom, Snake and only the West Title is on the line official game thread

    Looked like it just snapped on the way down.
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    This offense

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    Iowa #2 AP

    I mean, Sagarin has Bama as < 10 point favorites, and Vegas is usually about half the Sagarin rating difference, so there's that.
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    Who needs offense

    The amount of posts on reddit about how PSU was the better team and how the game would have been different had Clifford not been hurt... Fuck em. Clifford showed up to a prize fight and he got knocked out. It's happened to us way deeper into seasons before, and when it happened and Iowa lost...
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    Merged - Big 12 Aftermath Thread

    I realize that. But how many of those grants and research projects come because of AAU membership? How many because of CIC/whatever the name is now for the B1G research membership? Iowa is already on the bubble, academically. If there weren't shared faculty and library and purchase/licensing...
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    Merged - Big 12 Aftermath Thread

    It's tougher to exclude Iowa and be legitimate about competition. Since 2015, Iowa is #9 in the country in wins. All-time, Iowa is 24th in weeks in AP poll, 38th in wins, 11th in FBS championships (all prior to 1960). I'd have to crawl the ratings site, but Iowa's t.v. ratings are above average...
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    ***Official Sand People Extinction Thread, 2019 Edition***

    This isn't a big game.
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    A Perfect Storm

    ...would have audibles to call my own number on a few draws up the middle, certainly, and into some middle screens to Goodson, but Id also have gone to my wrs and said, they're holding you, fall the fuck down and make it obvious or push off, too. And when I hit you in the hands, catch the damned...
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    !*****Official 'Cousin Oliver Has A Family Reunion at The Big House' Game Thread*****!

    Jump balls to smith lost I could live with. Fuck. You threw 4 INTs already. Who gives a fuck.
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    Keys: Michigan Game

    Yeah, that's how I see it, too, Fry. Before ISU crapped the bed in Waco, I thought maybe Iowa had a quality win against a lesser version of Mich/PSU. Not so confident now.
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    !*****Official 'Badgers Enter A Very Tense Carver-Hawkeye Arena' Game Thread*****!

    Who? Oregon? Pitt, maybe? We are facing murderers' row in the B1G. Wisconsin is a good team, but they aren't Michigan. Their style plays into Iowa's. Instead we go 4 minutes without points while half their team is almost fouled out. The table was set and we didn't eat. Stanzi, I love you. But I...
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    Reminded why I hardly care anymore.

    You need offense to win. We don't usually have it.
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    !*****Official 'The Original Rival Returns' Game Thread*****!

    It's not just football either. Every sport has taken a huge step back since he came here. Yes, basketball too.