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    In any other P5 program…

    I don't think you fire anyone. But you can't defend how bad the offense has been. That's consistently poor. They did at least try the screen and slant game.
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    This offense

    Here, I'll help you:[users]=cincyhawk&o=date[users]=cincyhawk&o=date[users]=cincyhawk&o=date...
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    Who will be the new coach

    How do you figure? He wasn't fired, neither was Kirk, they had a winning season, and it doesn't seem to have caused a big enough ruckus in recruiting for it to be national news this year. He better hire someone slick to sell NIL deals. Like every team needs an agent now. I want Jerry Maguire...
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    Research: Iowa WR Production During KF Era

    Iowa is ranked 66th in passing yards in the country. Iowa is so far behind the 8-ball on offense that it's amazing Brian still has a job.
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    Uh Oh

    True. But if it's the truth, the employee not performing might get fired too. Maybe the boss too. Which will end up making the organization more efficient, assuming everyone is replaced by someone competent. Iowa can punish Dolph. It's within their power. I don't think they should, because I...
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    Uh Oh

    ...Broadcasters should have the same freedom of speech as anyone else. They should also be aware that what they say has consequences, like being fired. I find the idea that they cannot say something critical of the University unethical. It is a malicious application of Iowa Nice that is...
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    !*****Official 'It's Still Possible' Game Thread*****!

    ...evidence in print if the questioning is defamatory and malicious and could cause material harm - If they get fired because of a Google search, or aren't hired for the same someday, you might be in trouble. Kirk is a public figure, so he's free...
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    !*****Official 'It's Still Possible' Game Thread*****!

    Wish they'd show him more Quality meme material.
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    This is gonna be a LOOONG season

    He should be fired this year - all the fans have talked about was how this team was going to be really good. Well, turns out it is going to be a losing season with no NIT. I'm shocked.
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    !*****Official 'The Original Rival Returns' Game Thread*****!

    We love the defense. The offense has always been an afterthought for Ferentz.
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    This is The Year We Should Land Blue Chip LB Recruits

    It has nothing to do with the Hospital. It has to do with being better than 117th in the country on offense. If Iowa was in the top 40 on offense, they'd be a to ten team. You are spinning the narrative. Name any year where the Hawks were top 40 in offense.
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    How much of a raise and extension do ya wanna give KF & GD?

    Why can't he start with the tables turned?
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    I....O....W....A vs O....H....I....O O-H, I-O in 1947. (tradition #12) I don't know when I-O-W-A started, but I love hearing it after a commercial break, knowing it started...
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    ...year during his conference and division's golden age, as well as amassing the best win percentage at a historically top 15 school. He got fired because he couldn't beat Saban, and that program DOES NOT SETTLE FOR SECOND PLACE, PERIOD. There's no other reason. They thought losing to...
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    Iowa is Ranked #1 in at least 5 polls 3-4, GT is 3-5, BC is 3-5, Wofford is 3-5. They've played two FBS teams with winning records. One was Notre Dame, the other was Miami, who just fired their coach! Only one ranked team on that slate, and they got them at home. Iowa is as good as Clemson. If they're a top 5 team, Iowa is.
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    getting a new coach anything within the rules to be successful?", and has a plan to right the ship and a track record of recruiting. If he hires safe, he'll be fired because there will be no progress. If he hires risky and it doesn't work out, he'll be fired. If he does nothing, he's going to be fired. So...
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    getting a new coach

    ...fiery young guy. EDIT: Oh, and if he hires one of the above guys, I don't care if it is Barta that makes the hire. He would have shown some backbone by firing Ferentz and getting the above guy. If that hire fails, then Barta can be fired. Right now it is just important that things change.
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    The OFFICIAL Fire Kirk and Bart a thread!

    And to make things worse: Nebraska fired their coach and has a head start in hiring their next. This will make the pool of qualified candidates smaller. And Iowa's program is in a worse state than Nebraska's by any objective measurement. Needs to happen now.
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    No moral victories

    ...issues - poor clock management on that failed two-point conversion; not going deep early in the game; inability to finish drives; not being fired up to start the game; checkdowns, a lack of an inspired running game... 3 pts in the first half cannot be acceptable offensive output. Not going...
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    Miller: The Hawkeyes Have a Chance to Retake Something from Wisconsin

    ...against Wisconsin. I hope they take this challenge against Wisconsin personally and come out breathing cinders and ash. I have not been so fired up about a game in a long time. On paper, this game doesn't look close. It will take a lot of heart to win. If they pull it off it will be a...