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    Badgers, Badgers, Mushroom, Snake and only the West Title is on the line official game thread

    You think Jones and Tracy aren't athletic on the edges? Not to mention Bruce and Johnson? Switch the scheme.
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    This offense you:[users]=cincyhawk&o=date[users]=cincyhawk&o=date[users]=cincyhawk&o=date...
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    This offense they'd stick around? Because only primadonnas don't when they lose their jobs. You seem to be under the impression that I think Petras sucks. I don't. I think his arm is amazing. I think he's an excellent leader, and I've said as much. I think he's the wrong type of qb for the line that...
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    This offense

    ...three positions". I don't believe we can win the West with the way our deficiencies were exploited by Perdue with the personnel we have. That sucks because of how the season played out. If the line could hold a pocket, I wouldn't be calling for an open qb competition. It's not anything to...
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    If Iowa wins against PSU, the only other team that could get to Indy in the West is......

    It especially helps that they have Rutgers as their third crossover. They've beaten Iowa 6/8 lately.
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    ***Official Fat Pitsgerald Breaks His Other Leg and the Hawkeyes Eat Mildcat For Supper Game Thread***

    Nah, I don't think the others are any better. Petras has all the reps in spring and lockdown late fall practice. If the others were making these throws, thrust have started.
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    ***Official Iowa vs Penn St Game Thread***

    Water sucks. It really really sucks!
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    Grinnell College in Iowa just cancelled the rest of their football season

    It's simple, really. Take the hitting out of the game. Two-hand touch. Blockers cannot use their hands or lower their shoulders. No crackbacks. Dline rushers cannot tackle blockers by lowering their shoulders. Dline rushers cannot use their hands. First downs are now 20 yards. Field goalposts...
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    Coaching changes

    At least this is watchable.
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    The Vols fired Butch Jones

    Dean, what's the mean and median of Power 5 schools? That we are in the top 20 there doesn't mean 40 other teams aren't also right there. Also that's 6th out of 14 teams in conference. That's the median. It might not be the mean, though. The reason I ask is because I feel like if you placed...
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    !*****Official Iowa Beats Traquon McBarkley And The Kitteny Lions Game Thread*****!

    Me too. Rematch, if that happens, and that's with Stanley and Eppy all grown up. Secondary showed me something tonight. Time will tell, but I think we have a team this year. Floor looks like 08. Ceiling might be BTCG.
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    Ok - I like Kirk Ferentz Again!

    Competing for the B1G title every year means competing for the National Championship every year. I think it is reasonable to be ranked in the top 25 every year, which most years means coming in second in the West.
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    Gavin Holmes Talks to HN About Decision to Decommit from Iowa

    This is a message board, not a newspaper. Post your rumors as rumors and stop with the innuendo. It's not so much that it's this year only. Two years ago, after the facilities were built, Kirk said he would have more time for recruiting. He's gotten worse at it. And he even says it doesn't...
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    !*****Official Superb Eyesight @ Choo Choo Game Thread*****!

    Rutgers sucks, and the Hawks looked terrible in that game. OLine got figured out and now the run game is working. Staying on the field allows dline to rest and that makes the defense better. They have figured it out.
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    This team is gutless from the top on down

    Do we want anther era of losing Iowa football like the 60's? Cause that's where we are heading.
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    IOWA-Indiana bows down game thread.

    Still have Jerminic. Just sucks.
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    Do you really believe the Hawks are good enough to be a playoff team?

    ...return to start the game against Michigan. They aren't built to come from behind, and that took the run game out of the equation. North Texas sucks, but the third stringers were in there the entire 4th quarter. Had Iowa been Baylor, they could have scored 70. Illinois State? Yep, an FCS...
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    This Has to be the Dumbest 2 Weeks in the History of the HawkeyeNation Board

    ...the Hawks at home. Then I saw an ISU team that everyone picked to win two games this year beat Iowa after giving up two tunovers at home. This sucks; it happens nearly every year; time to move on. It isn't the vocal minority anymore. It is Forbes, the Gazette, countless bloggers and every...
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    Ferentz Supporters Enter Here

    ""The people lay down the conditions which the king is bound to fulfill. Hence they are bound to obedience only conditionally, namely, upon receiving the protection of just and lawful government…the power of the ruler is delegated by the people and continues only with their consent." --...