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  1. koralakers

    Amazing coaching job!

    At the end of the day, you are what your record says you are. We are sitting 9-2. Very little 'style' points. Deby sits at 3-8, but prolly a lot more 'style' points. Now, let's look at the Covid SUPER SENIORS for 2021 (as of June 2021)... Illinois - 22 Rutgers - 13 Minnesota - 10 Indiana -...
  2. koralakers

    Lack of Experience/Super Seniors

    It seems like EVERY team, BUT IA, has a million 'super seniors'. In theory EVERY TEAM could have returned ALL 22 of their starters in 2021. IA returned, it seems, less than every team we've played, ESPECIALLY up front (OL, DL). And this area, above all others, EXPERIENCE is so important...
  3. koralakers

    Ayo out

    with a broken nose. I feel like Garza has had his nose broken about a dozen times. Shove some cotton up in there, shoot the FTs, and never leave the court. Just sayin
  4. koralakers

    With NS, this team is easily 4-0 and top 10

    With a legit chance at the CFB playoffs with remaining schedule. Just the facts of life. Petras is one of bottom 2 or 3 qbs in BIG. Easily. If the game is close, or the opponent MAKES the qb beat them, we are in trouble. Will prolly cost us at least a few more games coming up. Would love to see...
  5. koralakers

    Does not having fans put us further behind $EC regards to Athletic dept money? Or any other conference that is allowing fans? Will this trickle down into money available to spend on recruiting, attracting or keeping good coaches in years to come? If they can ‘allow’ fans, why can’t we?
  6. koralakers

    Blessing for football fans?

    Ok, there’s so much that sux with everything going on with college football. Instead of focusing on negativity, let’s examine the ‘blessing’ on this, assuming things stay exactly as is (with BIG PAC MAC Mtn West not playing in Fall, but rest playing)... First, we do get football from Sept to...
  7. koralakers

    Did Jim Bain come out of retirement to ref the last 5 seconds?

    Unreal. Thot for sure headed to OT w no Luka. Ref got bailed out by Oturu choking
  8. koralakers

    Next years team could be SALTY

    We lose Kreiner, Pemsl, and Evelyn for sure. If Luka and JW stay, and no major transfers, and JBo gets MRS, plus a nice recruiting class coming. Man it feels like a top 10 team. Am I wrong to feel that?
  9. koralakers

    C-Mac love

    It’s hard not to love EVERY player on this gritty, gutty team, but C-Mac, who has taken a beating from all of us, has really upped his game. Doesn’t stuff the stat sheet a lot, but is a great passer, darn good ball handler, and floor general. And his grit is equal to Luka, and the rest of...
  10. koralakers

    This team of full of WARRIORS

    In spite of so many injuries. You have got to love how they battle and scrap. Lessor bunch wudda folded their tents for the year. They really emulate their coach. GO HAWKZ!
  11. koralakers

    Was Xavier there?

    To watch a TEAM beat a team of one, with a big playing like an All American? I sure hope so!
  12. koralakers

    East vs West MYTH

    Beginning in 2014, the BIG changed divisions from Leaders/Legends to East/West. Here are the cross-division records of the WEST (versus the East) 2014 7-7 2015 7-7 2016 11-10 2017 8-13 2018 10-11 2019 9-10 (so far) WEST Overall 52-58(47.3%) vs East. Some people act like the East wins at like...
  13. koralakers

    Classic TRAP game

    Between 2 trophy games. Not too mention following emotional win. Add in revenge game (63-0). Lovie has these guys ballin. They seem so much more athletic this year too. Very worried about this game.
  14. koralakers

    Is this the PERFECT WINDOW to let go of Fran?

    Forget the money for the moment. Any time you axe a coach, there is a ‘cost’...current players transfer, recruits get outta there LOI, etc. Any time you change coaches, it ‘sets you back’ a year or two. But, RIGHT NOW, the cupboard is all but bare. We have ZERO recruits with any pedigree...
  15. koralakers

    Michigan takes notes from $EC...

    Cancels home-and-home with UCLA. Adds home games with Hawaii and ECU. Can't blame em tho. 9-game BIG schedule, plus ND. $EC gets to schedule 4 games with Towson State, plus a few $EC bottom-feeding teams, which are usually pretty bad. No one seems to call them out on it. Especially since...
  16. koralakers

    R E L A X

    I’m just as frustrated as anyone here BUT, we are ON-PAR right now, halfway thru season..... -Three games vs Mich (revenge game), PSU (top 10), and ISU (their Super Bowl—been preparing for game since last year, conveniently scheduled UNI and bye before playing us. TWO of these on ROAD also...
  17. koralakers

    Our NFL prospects

    Serious question. Have our “big 4” NFL early-round hyped “prospects” (Wirfs, Jackson, AJE, Stanley), done ANYTHING to help their status this year? They all have seemingly had “flat” performances, for the most part. It could be that opponents are scheming against them?
  18. koralakers

    Perfect week for a Bye

    We would be really primed for a let down game next week. Really banged up too. Hopefully heal up some.
  19. koralakers

    Farley bails out Clowns

    Outgained most of game. Outmanned against superior team, has chance to win game on road with one play, but opts to boot extra point. EVERY FCS coach goes for 2 there against heavily favored FBS team. Unreal and gutless
  20. koralakers

    Vines a Hawk