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  1. BrueCrew3

    B1G Tourney (Un)Official Games Thread for 3/10 - The Last Stands?

    Unofficial - Only because I couldn't come up with a decent title. Plus, I'm not one to start threads, usually, but nobody else did. So the questions are these: Is this Little Ricky's last stand for the Goophers? Is the Mayor coaching his last game for Nebby and if so does anybody follow him to...
  2. BrueCrew3

    The Journey - Tonight at 6

    Simply a quick heads-up. They discuss the Framily and PMac's battle with cancer.
  3. BrueCrew3

    Way Too Eariy .. ..

    .. .. top 25 from ESPN...
  4. BrueCrew3

    Proposed B1G Schedule Asjustment

    I know with other "more important issues" to be discussed on the message board this might get overlooked, but I've been thinking about this for a while. The B1G needs to revamp their basketball scheduling. Here's what I think they should do: Go to something similar to football: Two divisions of...
  5. BrueCrew3

    ESPN Summer BPI

    Just saw this (the Link) on ESPN. They have Iowa listed at 23rd in the country. I'll take that as a starting off point. GO HAWKS!!!
  6. BrueCrew3

    Butler's Holtmann to tOSU

    ESPN is reporting it. Link
  7. BrueCrew3

    Gavitt Games

    Looks like Iowa won't be particpating in the Gavitt Games this year. (Link) I'm not sure if that's good news or bad news. It all would have depended on who the opponent was going to be. Just my 2¢ .. .. GO HAWKS!!!
  8. BrueCrew3

    Jack Nunge & Indiana Mr. Basketball

    Jack was runner-up in Indiana 2017 Mr. Basketball. Link
  9. BrueCrew3

    HN Bracket Challenge?

    Just curious if there's a HawkeyeNation bracket challenge on ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, or NCAA? GO HAWKS!!!
  10. BrueCrew3

    McCaffery with Murph and Andy - KXNO

    Here's a nice interview with Fran from KXNO yesterday. Also caught Izzo on the Jungle this afternoon. He talked very highly of the job Fran is doing at Iowa and mentioned that they just got outplayed .. twice. Listen around the 2:05 mark. GO HAWKS!!!
  11. BrueCrew3

    Hawkeye Nation Radio Broadcasts

    Living where I do (western Wisconsin), WHO doesn't come in very clear and I'd love to listen to to the Hawkeye Nation Radio Show on Wednesdays. Are the broadcasts available as podcasts anywhere? If so, where? Thanx!!! GO HAWKS!!!
  12. BrueCrew3

    La Crosse, WI, Viewing Options

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I don't know where else to put it. I live in the La Crosse, WI, area and while I can watch Friday's game at home, I'd rather watch it with other Hawk fans at a local establishment. (FlipSide, Howie's, etc ..) I was wondering if anyone on...
  13. BrueCrew3

    Video Streaming

    Is the game being video streamed tonight? GO HAWKS!!!
  14. BrueCrew3

    Video Stream?

    Is the game being streamed? I just got home and would like to watch if possible. GO HAWKS!!!
  15. BrueCrew3

    No Huddle v. UpTempo

    From Jon's Media Day: The Big Theme post:... By the way, don’t get no huddle confused with automatically being uptempo. I would look for Iowa to change some speeds…fastballs and change ups. Using the no huddle limits what type of substitutions a defense can make and may force them to stay...
  16. BrueCrew3

    Gesell and Europe

    My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I haven't seen it referenced anywhere. If MG is still on the shelf because of the injury, will he still be allowed to/will he travel with the team? Just curious .. .. GO HAWKS!!!
  17. BrueCrew3

    ESPN MCBB Front Page

    Not sure if it will still be there, but ESPN College Basketball used a picter of Fran, Sherman, and Andrew on their front page. They also focused a part of the article on Francis, but made no reference to Dillard. GO HAWKS!!!
  18. BrueCrew3

    PTL and NCAA Rules

    I know it was discussed here earlier that per NCAA rules, when playing in a summer league, no team can have more than two players from any one school. Yet, there are two teams that have 3 Hawkeyes on the roster. Now, Comfort Care/Mike Gatens Real Estate might get around the rule because one of...
  19. BrueCrew3

    GAS - Part Duex

    Is it possible we're NOT going to play in the Great Alaskan Shootout? I just read this on Hawk Central and it sounds like that is possible. Hmmmmmm .. .. GO HAWKS!!!
  20. BrueCrew3

    OT: Tubby to Texas Tech?

    ESPN is reporting that Tubby Smith is going to coach at Texas Tech. That didn't take long. GO HAWKS!!!