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    The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread get worse? Yep. A lot. Iowa could become ISU under the next guy. Will it under Ferentz? Not likely. He's here till he retires. Which means Brian is. Brian cannot be the next head coach. That can't happen. This team - amazing achievement to make it this far. No offense. Didn't matter...
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    The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread

    Because the A.D. has to fire him, and that ain't happening.
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    Deusce Hogan In Portal

    Or, Iowa was just better...
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    The official Iowa vs Nebraska game thread

    There were some good calls Brian on that drive. Caught them napping a couple times. That overturned TD will probably make Iowa go back into turtle mode and kick fg inside the 10 again, though.
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    Heads rolling today....

    ...that's what you posted. Not season winning percentage, overall, because Iowa is .777 on the season. It would take 4 straight 0-12 seasons for Brian to approach. 500. At that point I assume you'd be willing to call for a change? I don't know if the program would be recoverable if we reached...
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    Abysmal is the only word I could think of

    ...but did enough that Petras's leash should be short if Petras goes three and out over and over again in the first quarter of any start. Thought Brian made some really strange decisions, running the four minute offense at 5+ minutes in a two-score game, not using the bootleg enough, and not...
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    In any other P5 program…

    Kirk has earned the right to decide when he goes out. But no Brian as next HC.
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    Upset watch

    PSU and Iowa beat the snot out of each other. ISU doing their part to make the schedule look better.
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    WUWs highlight surprising facts regarding current O-line

    Do you have the stats on of we throw it or run it more in wins under Brian?
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    This offense

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    This offense

    ...Ferentz team. I did not expect the DLine to be good at all, and it held up against lots of veteran teams to start the year. Have said I think Brian cannot be the next head coach. Nothing he's done has changed that opinion, and winning the Natty this year wouldn't, either. His measurables...
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    Brian Ferentz Looking for Answers on Offense

    I think Brian is referring to what happened on the line when he's talking about the invisible plays, some of which he wants back. The ones that have been big ones are almost all ones where Petras gets drilled but still made the throw. I admire Petras's leadership. Things don't go right and he's...
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    ***Iowa vs Purdue Game thread***

    Which is why Brian had better never be the head coach.
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    ***Iowa vs Purdue Game thread***

    The second down run was worse.
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    what if

    You are truly in midseason form.
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    Just run the go routes when they do that on audible. Seemed to work Saturday.
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    Official: Where's the Gamethread? Gamethread: Iowa Poaches some Sheep from Out West

    And Petras is delivering the Hershey's.
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    Official: Where's the Gamethread? Gamethread: Iowa Poaches some Sheep from Out West

    Lol. Brian calls plays like I do on NCAA football. Pass. Run. Pass.
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    Make your case

    ...where all you want to do is win. This is absolutely on purpose, scientific strangle the life out of the clock and the other team design by Brian. And it's actually pretty genius. You saw that 18-yard out on Saturday, right? Him hitting LaPorta over the linebackers in front of the safeties...