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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    To add to your post we have to notice that our best, recent years with the two West Div titles, 2015 and this year, the hawks lost their last two games. And one of those last two in each year was a blowout. This is telling when the hawks go out of their division and go up against the best in...
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    OK you 2nd guessers - Which play would you have called on 4th and 2 ft to go right before Kent.'s winning drive

    Yes, heavy play action and run a simple, quick short comeback pattern, the receiver get his body between the qb and the dback, who is probably off of him, throw and catch. Good call
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    See Fran............The Importance Of Rebounding! Good Job The Last Two Games!

    Good post, like your other one about the need for better rebounding. Have to have the ball to score and 2nd chance points are huge. Fran has had a few really strong rebounders but overall not a strength of this teams. Sometimes you have do have your guards/wings on defense get in the lane and...
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    NFL Declaration Watch

    Your helmet cam idea on the returner for punt and kickoff returns is an awesome idea. First you see the ball against the sky and then the camera follows the ball to the catch then kerplunk some running and splatting all around. Wow. Yeah, I agree that is a crazy job. But some guys like...
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    NFL Playoffs - Wild Card Weekend

    Belichick put together some great defenses on his Pats teams. Brady and the big offense came a little later. Hell his first super bowl win they held the high scoring Rams way down to secure the last second drive and win. And he is one of the masters at finding unknown talent and rejected...
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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    I think you could be very correct about Kirk's end of contract years. When or if he gets to the last few years of this contract a lot of recruiters will use his retirement and age against him and perhaps a lot of recruits will not take the offer not knowing if Kirk will be around for their...
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    Football OT: NFL officials having a rough weekend wildcard round

    Some strange and possibly bad calls in Cincy Raiders game. hardly watched the Bills blowout so not sure there, same with Bucs game. But some iffy calls in cowboys-niners game. The latest being the fake punt by dallas which they convert and the cowboys leave their punt team on the field and...
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    NFL Playoffs - Wild Card Weekend

    Glad to see Cincy win after a 31 year playoff win drought. And good for the Bills as I do not like dynasties like the Pats, although I would like the chiefs to win another one in the next few years.
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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    Well I should write down all your absolutisms for posterity and see how they turn out. I dont think so well for the most part but I havent really been tracking them. I cant bet you on this contract item as I might not be around that long.
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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    It would make most all hawk football fans happier if Kirk can somehow get his offense from a 4 cylinder beetle bug engine to a 404 4 barrel hemi powered engine. Hell I would take a nicely humming 6 cylinder of and offense
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    Kirk signs contract extension, 7 Million a year through 2029

    Oh there you go again with the zero or 100% absolutism. Much easier to say very little chance of him finishing that contract but you must like to live on the absolute edge. Compared to Bowden and Paterno, Kirk is young and will be younger than them in 8 years. I can see him doing most or all...
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    Im Going To Say this Again

    Lute Olson says Hello as so many of his teams would get called for very ticky tack fouls in the tourney and the hawks would run into foul trouble.
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    Okay QB Geniuses...I Did The Work, Now You Defend Your Point

    The Wisky playbook is smaller than Iowa's. All Russell Wilson needed to learn was which side to hand off on and how to run a few play action waggles and rollouts and he had the shifty, fast running capability to make a huge impact. The hawks have 2 qbs whose body of work is average but both of...
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    Tyler Linderbaum Headed to NFL

    Way to go Tyler, go have a good, safe career. He played over 30 games with one year being shortened so he gave plenty. I agree with you about watch #65 as I would watch game replays just to watch the OLine. Nothing better than seeing these guys making great blocks. The one I will always...
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    Charlie Jones Announces Return in '22

    Great news, tremendous returner, Yes, and he was not targeted enough, needs to get one or two deep throws a game.
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    Padilla is not transfering

    We lost to kentucky because of our offense and mistakes. The defense played plenty great enough to win because kentucky only had 13 points with 4 minutes to go and they scored very late. The only negative about the defense would be the somewhat usual pattern of Iowa's defense giving up an...
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    The winning TD throw in the Natty Champ. game

    And maybe Laporta was double teamed and sandwiched a lot in zone coverage by many teams since he was a top receiver, main target, and someone who gets first downs. We would have to look at a lot of video. All I know is I love to watch replays of that screen to Laporta for the td against...
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    The winning TD throw in the Natty Champ. game

    I did not have a frames per second replay on that play or a stop watch but just a good estimate with the game clock and also internal timing tells me that Stetson the IVth released that ball at 3 seconds if not a couple tenths less than that. The reason I mention this is many fans do not think...
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    Sam LaPorta, Jack Campbell Returning in '22

    Great for the team and fans. Another very solid year for both of them can only raise their draft position. I hope to see a really heavy dose of Laporta and Lachey/2nd Tight End on the field at the same time doing the Fant/Hockenson death crush on opponents.
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    Bama's WR Williams getting hurt

    A kid like that is the classic case of taking out a $10 million dollar insurance policy. If he recovers and has a very good NFL career he will make at least $10 mil and if he cant play because the injury takes away his skills then he gets $10 mil. as the injury was directly related to football.