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    I for one, am not worried.

    Gessell is every bit as good as Gerry Mcnamera. Gessell was even rated higher out of high school. You're right about Anthony though, he was a special player. Here's to hoping that together Woody and Jones can be a Anthony-esq force and fill that roll.
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    I for one, am not worried.

    The 2002 Syracuse team went from unranked to national champs. Why can't we do it?? I believe all the pieces are there. Just need time for the young boys to put things together.
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    NBA Prospects on this team??

    So I've been thinking about our roster a lot after the Augustana game and wondering if any one on our team other than Woody have the ability to be drafted. Gessell maybe after a year or two over in Europe may have an outside chance?? All the new guys coming in I believe have a shot at some...
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    I for one, am not worried.

    After watching the game first hand tonight, I feel this team is the real deal. The guys just came out flat because it was an exhibition. This game means nothing. Once Hutton and Fleming start getting time on the floor, look out. I see a final four squad in the making.