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    Who stays and who goes

    I think Tracy would flourish at Purdue. Great offensive scheme. Commonly get 4 or 5 wideouts with significant receptions in each game. Hope he does well wherever he goes (just not against IA).
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    Anyone hearing Brian Ferentz to Oklahoma as OC rumors?

    exactly. We couldn't be this lucky. ever.
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    This is my favorite Iowa Football Team

    Agree with OP--one of my favorite, considering we were, BY FAR, the YOUNGEST team on the field for each of our games (other teams LOADED with Super Seniors). And, considering we are a DEVELOPMENTAL school, and experience means a lot to our success. Hoping we can squeeze another victory or two...
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    How do you feel about Nebraska?

    I tend not to acknowledge schools who have never ever won a single NCAA tournament game, but that's just me. It's weird how quickly this rivalry escalated. I guess their arrogance is really what caused it. For years/decades I found myself rooting for them at least 3x a year (vs IAST in...
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    Amazing coaching job!

    At the end of the day, you are what your record says you are. We are sitting 9-2. Very little 'style' points. Deby sits at 3-8, but prolly a lot more 'style' points. Now, let's look at the Covid SUPER SENIORS for 2021 (as of June 2021)... Illinois - 22 Rutgers - 13 Minnesota - 10 Indiana -...
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    Iowa Nebraska line

    Yes, you absolutely can NOT let AM beat you with his legs. Makes it too easy for them Gotta make them earn it!
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    Lack of Experience/Super Seniors

    It seems like EVERY team, BUT IA, has a million 'super seniors'. In theory EVERY TEAM could have returned ALL 22 of their starters in 2021. IA returned, it seems, less than every team we've played, ESPECIALLY up front (OL, DL). And this area, above all others, EXPERIENCE is so important...
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    Fran needs to go after Yesutu

    we need him and a big!
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    A Big Thanks to the Iowa Basketball Team

    Agreed. Very good year. Battled thru more adversity and injuries than MOST TEAMS. Also played a VASTLY UNDERSEEDED conference champ from a VASTLY UNDERATED CONFERENCE, on fresh legs from a fluke (dam virus), on a day and a half rest. Go HAWKZ
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    Ayo out

    with a broken nose. I feel like Garza has had his nose broken about a dozen times. Shove some cotton up in there, shoot the FTs, and never leave the court. Just sayin
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    McCaffreys place in Iowa Coaching History

    Man I wish I was a big wrestling fan. Would be happy most every year. We are THE blue-blood of wrestling. Have many friends that are. Just can't turn it on like a switch.
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    McCaffreys place in Iowa Coaching History

    I personally give FM a BIG bump on this list, considering he took over an absolute dumpster fire from the prvs 10 years. Big kudos to FM and everything he has done!
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    Tyler Linderbaum is returning next year

    awesome. maybe a top pick next year!
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    UNI transfer Xavior Williams joining the Hawks

    Best way to the pros is thru IC!
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    Pete Moe

    The real question is how good is his kid? Anyone know? Any offers from any schools yet? Don't care much about the other stuff. Although his dad was that player all the other fan bases hated...which means he was pretty good, and assume he annoyed the opponents as well.