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    Tony Perkins Hitting Stride

    Put simply, Tony P. is a stud!
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    Story: Iowa Wins B1G Tourney Title

    A good start for today! Great games by the Hawkeye women's team. Let us hope this is followed by a win for the men's team tonight in IL.
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    Great win!

    re blocks, I don't know the stat, but for a stretch they were blocking everything the Hawks put up, including PMac. I watched the second half again today, and although I knew the outcome, it still felt like a nail biter.
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    Trying to find the OSU game tomorrow on Dish

    To answer my own question, it is on the local Fox 15 channel, and I don't have local channels. Why would anyone have them? There is an app I hope it works tomorrow. Go Hawks!
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    Trying to find the OSU game tomorrow on Dish

    HawkCentral says the game is on FOX. That isn't Fox News of course, and I don't see it on either FS1 or FS2, the usual place if games are on some Fox channels. Anyone know where to find the game? I may be stuck with a livestream on the Fox Sports app, not the same as BTN needless to say.
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    Sounds like KM gone at end of year

    I agree with your assessment of P. Mac and Kris. If we assume Keegan is gone, then P Mac will have a much larger role next year. I love watching him play, assume he'll stick around longer, and he keeps getting better. If KM goes to the NBA, Kris will also step into his brother's shoes, and he...
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    McCaffery family has a pow-wow on getting hassled on social media

    I know very little about Mrs. McCaffrey, but the vitriol on this forum about this is both embarrassing and out of bounds. Get a life guys! You know who you are.........
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    Do you think KM still looks like a lottery pick?

    I love both the Murrays, but of late K. has not looked like the kind of player that can take over a game and get the wins. Like others, I don't watch the NBA and don't really understand what they get excited about, but my sense is that K. needs at least another year in CHA and will benefit from...
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    Barely 3 hours until tip off in CHA

    And not a single post about the outcome, any other news, etc. So here we go. I am glad there are enough fans in the time of Covid/Omricon to fill CHA. I predict the home court advantage and the wild and crazy crowd will ensure that the Hawks will win by 20, at least 10. Nice to have 2 games...
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    Keegan Murray Raising NBA Stock

    I agree that K. Murray has an impressive skill set, and don't see why NBA scouts would not be interested. BUT, if you can't take your college team on your shoulders and win games, I don't think you are ready for the millions and the big leagues. There isn't any rush, unless you are just dying...
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    Keegan Murray B1G Player of Week...Again

    This forum is dead or dying. Big news like this from a great player, not a single attaboy at least here. WIU is not a tough opponent, but I saw things from Murray in the WIU game that really got my attention, and reminded me of some great players. Several times he took his defensive player...
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    All Big Ten national championship Sat. night

    To those who think my post is off-topic, there is zero activity on the other boards about volleyball. How about if I promise never to do it again? I attended the U. of I for 3 semesters, UW for about 6 weeks, I am a Hawk fan to my grave, but was really pleased to see the Badger women win their...
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    All Big Ten national championship Sat. night

    Iowa has dominated in wresting for decades, has done well on the football field, OK on the BB court, etc. But we suck at volleyball, although the BTN competition is very tough. If you want to see some spectacular athletes playing at the highest level, tune in to ESPN2 Sat. night at 7:30 to see...
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    Josh O #23

    Agreed, he looks bigger and stronger, not to mention all the moves the kid has. I think playing a lot with Luka has benefited a lot of our guys. Luka had so many moves and you know that stuff rubs off. Ryan Bowen played 10 years in the NBA but at UI his tool bag of go to moves was quite...
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    BTN plus

    BTN+ has never been a good streaming service, but it is way better than it used to be. Having retired and not being a football fan, I got BTN+ earlier than usual this year to watch Hawkeye volleyball. (A side issue here is that Barta dumped a good coach since she couldn't make the Hawks as good...