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    Huge hypothetical here, if Fran had Raveling's recruits

    That team had an 18 point early second half lead against UNLV to go to go to the final 4. (and lost) Fran can't get his team to the final 4 of the BTT. He is what he is, an average coach.
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    a more likely scenario is they lose out on the road and also lose a couple at home. Early departure from BTT and it's off to the NIT
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    The general fan base doesn’t demand it.

    Well, at least we are not finishing last every year. Fran has us right there in the lower middle every year. According to FryIowa and his ass kissing buddies, all should be happy. The hated Steve Alford has just about as many NCAA tourney wins as Fran in half the years. Alford = 13-6 in BIG...
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    Dr. Tom

    Seems everything posted on this board is stupid unless you post it. It has been fun reading your "know it all" takes the past couple years and then finding out later that your head was up your ass. Honestly, I could give a shit about Fran, or your assertion that his players love him. Steve...
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    Dr. Tom

    Dr. Tom gave Iowa some great years and was a consistent NCAA tournament qualifier with an elite 8, two sweet 16s and six other years making the round of 32. He was run off after 13 years. He was also a very good person. Fran is in year 12. He is paid just under $3,000,000 a year. It is...
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    Hey kids we are going to the circus tonight...I mean Hilton, the official Iowa vs Cyclowns Game thread

    C'mon now. It's not that bad. ISU was bound to win sometime against Iowa in one of the major sports. The last 5-6 years have been great. Even this year, we single handedly ruined their anticipated dream football season and kicked their ass in wrestling. (Even with our National Champion and...
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    Iowa favored

    I repeat. One of the most screwed up betting lines I have seen in a while..
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    Nwankpa Picked The Hawks

    Low ranking is mostly just low number of commits so far. Iowa has a five star and (3) 4 star commits. Better than usual.
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    Iowa favored

    Seems strange. Iowa -4.5 on the road against a ranked team? Iowa just lost at home as a favorite to an unranked team.
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    This is not about the Iowa players or ISU players. This is about the ISU fans. I work in a nest of Cyclone fans that are consumed with Iowa hate. House money, my ass. I don't think you speak for very many of them..
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    Iowa is bound to lose to ISU in something at some point, but all the pressure is on ISU this week. If they do not win, it will be two years before they will have a decent shot at ending the futility against the Hawks as none of the 4 teams are likely to win in Iowa City next year.
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    Years of frustration will be venting at Hilton this week with the Cyclones hosting the women tonight and the men tomorrow. Iowa women have won 5 consecutive games against ISU while the men have won 3 in a row. Iowa ruined the ISU "dream football" season in the second week and have won six in a...
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    Iowa Wrestling Wins at Iowa State

    Especially sweet with more Hawkeye fans at Hilton than Cyclones..
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    My it's Monday after the storm 2 cents on it all

    and hopefully adding a running back with a burst..We are dreadfully slow at that position.
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    Iowa needs a Nick Bell, a Shonn Greene, or a Ron Dayne

    Oh my. Taylor had break away speed.. Goodson not so much